Overwatch Will Have New Character Skins and New Goodies from the Loot Box in the Future

Blizzard just made the new Overwatch hero, Ana, available on the Public Test Realms and she is an absolute joy to play.

She is a sniper healer; a first of her kind. She shoots healing bullets to her allies and she shoots deadly ones at the enemy.

Furthermore, she has tools to get out of battle should an attacker be in her own little space. Ana is Pharah’s mother and it will be exciting to see how the duo will pan out once Ana is released on the actual servers.

But, along with Ana, Blizzard is also going to add in some new character skins and a host of other goodies via the Loot box in the near future.

Speaking of loot boxes, people are hoarding them prior to Ana’s release. This is because they think that they will be able to get Ana’s costumes for free via these loot boxes.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Lylirra, an official Overwatch forum manager, said in a lengthy post that people should never hoard loot boxes if they think that they can get some new Ana skins.

This is because the items that are in the loot boxes prior to Ana’s release has already been generated. In other words, the contents are already pre-determined and it will not change while they are finally opened.

The loot boxes that you currently have will never contain any Ana skins because of the fact that you got them before Ana’s release in the official servers.

Lylirra also points out that this will be the case for future characters as well. So, if I were you, just open your loot boxes now since you won’t be getting any new Ana skins by saving it before she goes live.

The good thing is that people who want to pay for Loot boxes (via the in-game store) will be able to get Ana skins easily once Ana is available.

There are some affordable ones but if you are rich and you do not mind spending a lot of money, you can opt for 100 loot boxes.

Again, the loot box contents are already pre-determined once you’ve acquired them and will not change when you finally open them.

In other news, Ana still doesn’t have a fixed release date. People are still busy experimenting with her and hopefully, they are going to provide some feedback about the character to fix her (if there are any problems).

Back in the day when I was still playing Diablo 3, they would always release a beta version of their new patch on the PTR so people can test the new features while also providing feedback for the developers to look into.

If you want to try Ana out, just go to the PTR (which can be accessed by toggling the “Region” settings on the Battle.net Application). Once you set it to PTR, the game will automatically download new data for you to play with.

Overwatch is a multi-platform game and is available for the PC and the Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles.

5 Common Bench Press Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises in the world. Heck, even Arnold Schwarzenegger loves the exercise.

The bench press is a compound exercise that mainly hits your chest but it also hits part of the shoulders and triceps as well.

But, as popular as this exercise may be, there are some common mistakes that people make when performing the bench press.

So in this article, I will talk about the 5 common bench press mistakes and how to fix you could fix them.

  1. Lifting Your Hips Off the Bench. When doing the bench press with proper form, you have to arch your back a little bit so your chest will pop out and your hips will be slightly elevated during the process. What most people do is that their hips are lifted off the bench way more than it should. This can be problematic as you will be prone to spinal injuries. To fix this, arch your back, pop out your chest, and let the arching motion dictate the position of your hips. In other words, do not let your hips lift off of the bench too much.
  2. Bouncing the Bar Off Your Chest. This is another common bench press mistake people do in the gym. What most people do is that when they lower the bar, they bounce it off their chests to propel the bar upward. This is a big mistake because, for one, your chest will get damaged especially when you lift heavier weights, and two, you’re not really making full use of the range of motion as you use your chest to help you bounce the bar upward. To fix this, let the bar touch your chest and do not use your chest to bounce the bar up.
  3. Spotter-Assisted lifts. When doing a bench press especially with heavy weights, you need to have a spotter to be there to assist you with the lift off and the spotter should be there should you need assistance in the latter parts of your sets. The problem here is that most people often gets assisted by their spotter in every rep they make. This is a problem because you will not be able to really hit your chest by doing this. To fix this, have your spotter help you only during lift off and only when you’re having trouble with the later parts of your reps.
  4. Incorrect Shoulder Placement. I’ve mentioned earlier that the bench press hits your shoulders too. What most people do is they put their shoulders in an incorrect position when doing a bench press. In order to fix this and avoid injury, your shoulders should be activated and your back muscles contracted before lowering the bar to your chest. That is why you arch your back slightly when performing a bench press.
  5. Half-Repping. Half-repping is a gym sin and a lot of people are doing it when performing the bench press. What I mean by half-repping is that you do not do an exercise with its intended full range of motion. Since the bar will be lifted and lowered to your chest during the exercise, if you’re not using the full range of motion, you will not be taking full advantage of the exercise. When performing the bench press, make sure that you fully extend your arms when the bar is up and allow the bar to touch your chest when the bar is down.

If you want to build a rock solid, popped out chest, you need to avoid these 5 common bench press mistakes like the plague.

Pronto App for iOS

If you’re the type of person who always relies on time to be more productive, then I can recommend a special app for you.

This app is none other than the Pronto App for iOS mobile phones. This app is a very handy timer and alarm app that allows you to be more productive.

To know more about the Pronto App for iOS, here are its features:

  • Start a new timer instantly
  • Access recent countdowns even faster
  • Beautiful user interface that resembles modern industrial design
  • Alarms can include music or sounds
  • Alarms ring even when Pronto isn’t active
  • Countdown time is displayed as icon badge

The Pronto App for iOS has an amazing and appealing user interface. It’s got a plethora of options that you can use on the fly. For example, if you want to create a 30 sec timer, for example, it can be done by just clicking on the drop down menu and choosing the “30 sec timer”.

If you want to have a timer for another specific time (like, say, 24 minutes), you can also set a custom timer if you want. You can do this by clicking on the “Add new timer” and input the specific time that you need.

The Pronto App for iOS mobile phones also allows you to access your most recent countdowns. For example, if you’ve chosen the 30-sec timer, 15-sec timer, or one of your custom timers, then it will be shown on the “recently used countdowns”.

This allows you to quickly get back to that timer so that you do not have to create another timer (which can be a little bit time-consuming).

Since the Pronto App for iOS mobile phones acts as a timer and alarm app, you can also set custom tunes for the timers. You can either choose from the built-in tunes or you can also use your own .mp3 format files if you so desire.

If you set a specific alarm for the app, the Pronto App for iOS mobile phones will run the alarm no matter what. What I mean by this is that even when the phone is turned off, the app will run the alarm no matter what the cost.

Don’t worry, this is a normal feature of the app and that your phone is, by no means, possessed or anything of that sort.

When using the app’s timer and countdown options, you will be presented with a big badge-like icon to represent the current time. This allows you to quickly know how many minutes (or seconds) you have left.

I find this really useful especially when you’re in the cooking business. In cooking, when you exceed even a few seconds after the recommended cooking time, your dish will be overcooked. With this app, it will help you to avoid that from ever happening to you.

The Pronto App for iOS can be downloaded using your mobile phone’s internet data. For the download to be 100% successfully, I highly recommend getting a mobile phone signal booster.

The Pronto App for iOS mobile phones is free to download and is available in the Apple app store.

Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS

The mobile phone operating systems of today have a lot of interesting games in their lineup.

Today, we are going to talk about a particular game for the iPhone that was well-received by gamers and game critics alike.

The Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS is a visually fantastic game with great gaming mechanics. This game will surely glue you to your Apple mobile phones for hours.

Infinity 2 Blade’s story continues the plot of the original game. The God King has been defeated by a mighty knight called “Siris”. His quest now is to unfold the mysteries behind the Infinity Blade.

Of course, by doing so, Siris will have to fight hordes of baddies in order to uncover the truth behind this fabled blade.

A lot of people really love the Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS’ graphics. The game has an immersive 3D world, complete with beautiful landscapes and scenic travels across different exotic locations. One cannot stop to marvel the highly improved graphics of this mobile phone game.

If you enjoyed the first game, the Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS features three all-new combat styles. The first combat style is kind of a berserker style that allows you to wield 2 one-handed weapons at once. This allows for a faster attack speed to quickly dispatch the enemies.

If you want to take things slower but deals more damage, you can equip a two-handed sword. This combat style is more suited for people who want to deal more damage without swinging their weapons too much.

And lastly, the classic shield-and-sword style is also present. This combat style is for people who want to take on a secure approach to advance the storyline.

Each of these combat styles has their own unique capabilities, pros, and cons. Choose the combat style you want and hack your way through!

During the entire course of Siris’ journey, you will come across different materials. These materials can be used to forge powerful equipment. With Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS, you can now forge even more powerful weapons and armor just by getting a set of materials.

Since this is an online game per se, the Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS allows you to create “mobs” or parties that allow you to tackle the game with different people around the world. You can also add your friends into your mob and advance the story together. You can also earn exclusive mob achievements as well.

And lastly, you will come across Saydhi, an immortal with an interesting past. Advance the story of the game to uncover more secrets about this mysterious character.

The Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS is truly one of the best games, graphically speaking. But not only does it boast of an incredible visual experience, the gameplay is also superb as well.

In fact, this is one of the only Apple mobile phone games to ever grace the top 10 games of all time for the iOS platform.

The Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS is a pay-to-play game and that it costs only $7. If you want a great Apple mobile phone game, then definitely try the Infinity Blade 2 for the iOS.

Exercise Tips to Help you Lose Weight

All of us want to achieve a sexier, leaner, muscular body. I mean, who doesn’t want that? You’ll not only look good, but you’ll also feel good as well. A lot of diet plans out there require you to exercise, but we know that a lot of people do not really want to exercise.

But for those who do, they find themselves doing the same thing, but not getting results. Or, they are lost on which exercise gives the most bang-for-the-buck.

Luckily for you, I will give you some surefire Exercise tips that will help you lose weight, slowly but surely. Keep in mind that these are my tips that have worked for me in my life.

Just a little background. I used to be obese. Like, I am 20% fatter than the optimal BMI. There came a point in my life where I was easily tired because I rarely do any exercise, let alone do simple ones like walking, for example.

I made a commitment to my life to go to the gym and exercise. Now, I am enjoying a lean and muscular body. I’ve never felt this fantastic before. So now, I am sharing with you, my top tips to lose weight through exercise. Let’s get started!

  1. Make a Commitment. Before you can start your weight-loss journey, make a commitment to yourself. What should you think about when you’re making your commitment? First, what is your desired weight? Second, ask yourself how do you want to accomplish that? And third, make a promise that you will stay committed whatever the obstacles may be. That way, you will inherently force yourself to finish the goal and finally hit your desired weight.
  2. Intervals. Studies have shown that High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, burns more fat and calories than just working out on a steady pace. HIIT is when you short bursts of speed during your workout. An example of this would be doing pushups and after the set, for 2 minutes on a treadmill. By doing intervals, you’re sending your body mixed signals, thus, it will burn more fat.
  3. Take it Slow. A lot of people would tell you to move as fast as possible to burn fat. But, that is not the be-all and end-all. You also need to do slow and controlled reps. This way, it will challenge your muscles more, tearing it apart so that it will become stronger.
  4. Stretching. This is a highly debated topic: should you stretch before or after working out? For me, it depends. If you’re mostly doing aerobic exercises where flexibility is more important, then do stretching before the exercise. But, if you’re looking to lift as much weight as possible, only stretch AFTER working out. Stretching the muscle fibers will not help you lift those really heavy weights.
  5. Take a Photo of Yourself. Take a photo of yourself, and take a photo every month. Compare it with the one you did before you started exercising. By doing so, you will be highly motivated as you will see progress along the way.

There you have it, my top tips on how to lose weight while exercising. I hope that this has helped and motivated you to lose that darn weight. Stay healthy and motivated!

Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Fat Burning Supplements Review

Do the words “weight-loss” appeal to you? If so, you’re probably thinking of buying and taking some fat-burning supplement. No fat-burning supplement is the same, as manufacturers bring their own proprietary blends in the mix.

Muscletech has been churning out quality supplements over the past years, and they have one fat-burning supplement that has been quite popular in recent years: the Hydroxycut fat burning supplements. Just this year, they’ve taken their original Hydroxycut formula back to the drawing board and they’ve now released a better version of it: the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Fat Burning supplements.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is the “Next Evolution in Weight Loss”. Why do they claim this? Well, these supplements give you these health benefits:

  • Advanced, Scientifically Tested Weight Loss
  • Extreme Energy and Mental Focus
  • Features Scutellaria, Guayusa and Coleus

hydroHow do the HydroxyCut Next Gen Fat burning supplements deliver these? They deliver these benefits thanks to their patent-pending key ingredients. Here are the Key ingredients that are found in the fat-burning supplement:

  1. Caffeine Anhydrous- This ingredient is known to have thermogenic effects. This increases energy and mental focus.
  2. Coleus Extract- This extract supplies Forskolin in the body. Forskolin helps raise our bodies Cyclic AMP.
  3. Blue Scullcap- Stimulates our body’s sensory effects
  4. Ophiopogonis- A root crop that contains polysaccharides
  5. Yohimbe Extract- This extract is scientifically proven to dilate the blood vessels to lower our blood pressure

These ingredients have been scientifically proven to give tremendous weight-loss results. Although, their old Hydroxycut fat burning supplement had its fair share of critics due to the fact that it causes damage to the liver, this new formula doesn’t have that quirk anymore.

In fact, a lot of people have been very happy with this new formula. Here are some of the great reviews I’ve found for the weight-loss product:

Jacob said, “This product was absolutely amazing for me. It has helped me cut so much weight over this past summer it is not even funny. It gave me long lasting energy throughout my workout and the focus to push myself every day. It did give me jitters a few times, but that was only when I had to up dosage because of my tolerance. This is as advertised and I would defiantly recommend. Beware, it does make you sweat like a cow, which in my case. Isn’t a bad thing.”

Sabol93 said, “I was a fan of the original hydroxycut hardcore elite so I had to give this a try. The amount of caffeine is very good for an energy boost as well as helping with thermogenesis. There is also a good amount of green coffee bean extract. Green coffee extract is a heavily studied ingredient in regards to promoting weight loss. Some other ingredients I found great that there were included were forskolii and yohimbe. I had great results when using this. I definitely was able to sweat more as I felt a lot warmer going into my workouts as well as during and after. The generous amount of caffeine was also nice as either additional pre-workout energy or as a pick me up on off days from training. I also seemed to be more focused during my workouts. This was very helpful during my cardio sessions that I always dread. In conclusion I highly recommend this supplement as I see this as a top product in its category.”

So there you have it, this product not only gives you great fat-burning results, but it also gives you a lot of energy to power yourself through the day.

What r4 card do you need ?

The Nintendo DS is one of the most popular handheld consoles in the world, having beat out every other portable gaming device in sales numbers. One reasons for the success of the DS comes from its compatibility. Whether you want to play older games or play your own gams, the Nintendo DS is much more open to making it work then the competitors. One thing that helps to really open up the Nintendo DS is a portable storage device, or card.

The R4 line of cards for the Nintendo DS help to dramatically increase the functionality of your Nintendo DS. This is done through the open format of the R4 card, which allows you to install a variety of software for everything from listening to music to playing games off of the internet. However, with so many versions of the R4 Cards and so many different kinds of Nintendo DS, it can be a challenge figuring out what card will work for you. Well, to help you out, below is a quick guide listing what R4 Cards work with each Nintendo DS model.

The Nintendo DS and DS Lite

For the basic Nintendo DS, and the later Nintendo DS Lite, there is the is a series of cards that will work. These include the R4 DS and DS Lite 2GB card, the R$ SDCH card for NDS and DS Lite, and the R4 SDCH for NDS and NDS Lite + 4 GB Micro SDHC.

Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

When it comes to the Nintendo DSi and the DSi XL, the leading cards people use include the R4i Gold, and the R4i SDHC Cards. These cards can also work with the DS and DS lite consoles, as they are backwards compatible.

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS represents one of the most up to date models of the Nintendo DS. As a result, the best cards with the greatest functionality are created for the Nintendo 3DS. Such cards include the popular R$ 3DS.

So there you have it. With any luck you will be able to pick out the right R4 Card for your Nintendo DS, and be using it to enhance your gaming experience in no time at all. Keep an eye open, as new versions of these cards occasionally come out, offering solutions to pre-existing problems and updates to the firmware.