10 Disney And Pixar Characters Who Would Make Terrifying Horror Movie Antagonists

Many Disney heroes, heroines and sidekicks wouldn’t survive a horror movie. However, some of their villains and supporting creatures would not only survive, but thrive as antagonists. Disney and horror movies aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence, but here we are. like movies like Winnie the Pooh: blood and honey To start taking the beloved, sweet characters and turning them into movie monsters, we can’t help but wonder what other Disney personalities could hold the backdrop of a horror movie.

RELATED: 10 Iconic Disney Characters Who Would Survive A Horror MovieObviously mystical creatures like Maleficent or Ursula are easy choices, or any real animal of Lion KingWhere TheThe jungle Bookhas obvious benefits for the food chain. With a combination of humans, animals, and somewhere in between, these characters have already proven ulterior motives in their films or have the potential to terrify audiences in a live-action horror performance.


McLeach – “The Rescuers Below”

Imagine being chased through the Australian desert by a maniacal poacher in a modified off-road truck as you try to save an endangered species of bird. It looks like a horror movie, except it’s Disney’s animated classic The The Rescuers Below. The murderous poacher is McLeach, voiced by the intimidating George C. Scott. The perfect display of voice casting, McLeach is one of Disney’s most underrated and terrifying villains.

The existing premise of this movie is doable for a horror movie in any subgenre you imagine like a thriller, creature feature or Eli Roth– gory style. A real-life cast of the burly, determined-at-all-costs poacher would give audiences a true horror antagonist.

Randall – ‘Monster’s Inc.’

The whole idea of Monsters Inc. The universe is based on the premise of scaring young children, but what if these creatures actually existed? Children’s imaginations take over, and what could be more terrifying than a crawling monster like Randall (voiced by Steve Buscemi) lurking under their bed or emerging from a dark closet?

Taking the franchise concept at face value, Randall would be an excellent creature for a horror movie about what happens in the night. His ability to camouflage himself makes him all the more terrifying. Its peak would be if it tormented a young child and returned to torment the adult’s children.

Mary Poppins – ‘Mary Poppins’

We all know and love the heartwarming versions of Mary Poppins animated by Julie Andrews then by Emily Blunt. What if this iconic mother figure and nurturer of the Banks children had dark and mischievous intentions? A magical nanny appearing out of nowhere could go wrong in the blink of an eye.

Because she seems to transcend time, an immortal nanny visiting the homes of troubled children to “correct” their behavior resembles the plot of a wicked horror movie. It would take the right group of kids to defeat a supernatural figure like a Mary Poppins antagonist who is practically terrible in every way.

Beast – ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Not an original Disney character, Beast (voiced by Robby Benson) proved its terrifying potential in the live-action remake. As if the idea of ​​being kidnapped and locked up wasn’t premise enough for a horror movie, being turned into a creepy creature by an enchantress works too.

Beast’s character would be even more gruesome if he had no memory of his past life and became more animalistic, blind with rage. The premise of the conceited-turned-humble with a hint of romance (“the beauty and the beast effect”) is saturated in various film genres, but it hasn’t quite reached a twist like that of a creature.

Emotions – ‘Inside Out’

A clever explanation of the different emotions we face as young people and adults and their physical representations/manifestations in Upside down would make a psychologically disturbing film with the same title. With the psychological horror genre a welcome change of pace from slashers and gore-filled features, a story spiraling into madness would suit these characters well.

Si Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) constantly reassuring you that everything was fine when they were clearly not in the real world, there would be dark conversations to be had. Imagine the emotions turned antagonistic with a knack for mind games like Hannibal Lecter, audiences would be in for a shocking feature and skilled performances.

Bruce – ‘Finding Nemo’

There are plenty of shark features to explain how realistic this choice is. Bruce (voiced by Barry Humphries) of The world of Nemo would fit the bill of a shark gone rogue. The public knows him as “Fish are friends, not food”. moderator and group leader, but that mantra disappears the second he smells blood. The film even nodded to the brilliant as Bruce chased Dory (voiced by Ellen Degeneres) and Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) with “Here Comes Brucey!”

Because the creature feature genre is so saturated with shark movies, Bruce would need a unique angle to stand out as a horror antagonist. Not impossible, but if The world of Nemo was a horror movie about a stalker shark, Bruce would be terrifying with his teething.

Hades – ‘Hercules’

Yes, Hades (voiced by James Woods) is not an original character, this manifestation of the mythological being could certainly be the subject of nightmares. Bringing hell to Earth, Hades in a modern horror feature could find itself the antagonist of the supernatural part of the genre.

Any character with sharp, pointy teeth has the potential to be terrifying. Whether summoned by a group of unbelieving teenagers or a cult of worshippers, Hades in his weird, fluid form could torment an actual Persephone. This would provide audiences with a new final female character to cheer on.

Jack Skellington – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Fans of the iconic dueling holiday season film have often wondered what Jack Skellington was (voiced by Chris Sarandon and Danny Elfman) like before he became the Undead Pumpkin King. Audiences know and love Jack as a naive skeleton willing to share in the Christmas spirit as he struggles with an identity crisis. Jack’s original story could be an interesting tale of his character as a horror antagonist or a dark, obsessed character banished to live in a permanent Halloween world.

He has the ability to be terrifying and all the means to rule over a haunted world. If the lovable Jack forgets his purpose or loses who he is, the land of Halloween could become nightmares, not just deranged toys easily swapped by Santa Claus.

The Shadow Man/Dr. Facilier – ‘The Princess and the Frog’

A live-action Shadow Man and his friends on the other side could prove terrifying. Well-versed in the art of voodoo, Dr. Facilier (voiced by keith david) will do anything to maintain its agreement with the spirits beyond. Home to a plethora of hauntings, New Orleans and Dr. Facilier make a prime backdrop for any horror movie.

His charisma, magic, and manipulation would lure any unsuspecting tourists into his shop for dark purposes. This favorite Disney villain would fit right in with the supernatural horror genre, elevating the basic premise of strangers stepping into more than they bargained for in an unknown place.

Pinocchio – ‘Pinocchio’

With many variations of this classic tale old and new, this childlike character has chucky and annabelle vibrations written everywhere. What’s supposed to be a miracle for a lone creator could turn into a grim mistake with the wrong magic. Imagine a darker entity bringing Pinocchio (voiced by dickie jones) to life, or a bunch of modern kids playing with minds they shouldn’t be.

Pinocchio is easily swayed in his impressionable mind. Coming to life and discovering the wrong goal or the wrong group of people could lead to a disastrous and bloody outcome. With many horribly successful movies based on doll antagonists, Pinocchio would fit right in.

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