10 Dumbest Anime Weapons Ever, Ranked

Chainsaw Man has finally arrived, and it’s only been the past few decades of animated series that have introduced wildly silly (but incredibly entertaining) weapons for its characters to wield. In fact, a big draw to the genre for some fans is finding out what absurd creations the masterminds have come up with to tell their story.

From talking weapons to weapons that literally transform into clothing, the anime world is full of unique ideas that no other medium really has. Some of these weapons range from silly but practical to sheer silliness that only confuses the user.


Gintoki’s Bokuto


Gintama is an anime that is already full to the brim with absurdity, but for some reason an unbreakable wooden sword is one of the heights of absurdity the series has to offer. What’s even weirder is how easily the sword is swapped out despite its seemingly rare invincibility. At least in the anime, there doesn’t seem to be a more powerful handheld weapon than Gintoko’s wooden sword.

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The sword known as “Toyako Bokuto” was adopted by Gintoki after the sword was banned in Edo due to alien overlords who sought to erase samurai from the world. Its origins are a bit vague, considering it’s Gintoki, who isn’t exactly the most truthful person, who tells it. He supposedly bought it on a school trip, but every time it breaks, he pretends to buy another one from a teleshopping show.

Neko Neko Knuckles

Okami-san and his seven companions

Simply put, the Neko Neko Knuckles are a pair of black and white boxing gloves themed around two smiling cats. The user doesn’t exactly have a reason why they’re themed as such other than that they’re cute. However, despite their looks, both packs literally pack a punch. Besides their theme, they have special abilities other than just punching.

Each glove has a dial to adjust the level of volts the gloves produce when hitting an enemy. Essentially, the boxing gloves double as tasers to incapacitate enemies while leaving a cute cat print wherever they’re hit. Although they are not in the running for some of the most powerful swords in animeboxing gloves can instantly defeat an enemy several sizes larger than the user with ease.

Yo-Yo by Killua

Hunter X Hunter

Unlike Gon’s fishing rod, Killua’s Yo-Yo manages to remain a prevalent tool for the majority of the series. Coming from a prominent clan of assassins, Killua can turn any tool in his hands into a weapon. Even his hands themselves are weapons that can elongate and whose fingernails can be sharp enough to rip out another human’s heart.

In Hunter X Hunter, Killua’s mastery of the nen ability enhances his strength with the pair of Yo-Yos. The two Yo-Yos who weigh 110 pounds each are seen easily leaving a huge gap in the trunk of a tree, ensuring they can rip enemies’ heads off effortlessly. With his other nen ability, he can envelop Yo-Yos in electricity using the conductive strings by passing current through them.

School and office supplies


Hitagi Senjougahara is probably the most ruthless character in the Monogatariseries, which is saying a lot in a series full of spirits, ghosts, gods, and vampires. She’s the kind of person to threaten a god despite being a high school girl whose biggest weapons are the supplies she probably stole from school.

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Stablers, scissors, sharp protractors, pens and pencils, Senjougahara does not hesitate at all to use these weapons which require the user to be close and personal. Her cruelty is especially visible when she staples the inside of a classmate’s mouth as a threat. A big mystery, however, is how she stores them, because with a wave of her hand, dozens of tools appear in her hands.

Speedwagon Saw Hat

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

Forget vampires and the concept of magical energy that popped up out of nowhere, perhaps the weirdest thing about all of Jojo Part 1 is the Speedwagon dexterity held on his circular saw-constructed bowler hat. He only appears in one scene, and yet his entry into the series is the most memorable. Really a shame given that, throughout the series, the famous bowler hat never flew again.

Back when Speedwagon was a rogue, he created a bowler hat with hidden buzzsaws making up its brim, and with a precise throw, the saws curved into the air to attack an enemy’s blindside. It may draw inspiration from James Bond villain Oddjob, but it was memorable and unique nonetheless.

Segway machine gun

Aria the Scarlet Ammunition

Aria The Scarlet Ammo is a classic anime with an interesting world with its system of armed detectives, but in the first episode, a particular scenario occurs; the main character gets on a bus armed with a bomb and threatens to maintain the same speed lest it explode, and to top it off, remote-controlled segways paired with a camera, speakers and machine guns the follow.

Honestly, it’s a ridiculous tool that’s pretty amazing that anyone has spent time designing it. In theory, that sounds pretty cool, but it seems like a big waste of resources when it might have been cheaper to send in some goons with guns instead. Also, it’s a stretch that a segway can keep up with a full-throttle bus on a high-speed road.

Hidden Functions of Nano Shinonome


With regard to robots, the discussion on whether they should be classified as tools or weapons has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century. Nano Shinonome was created to be neither. Its creator, Hakase, an apparently 8-year-old girl, invented it so that someone would accompany her to her empty house. Also, just for fun, she has fun modifying Nano’s body with random weapons and gadgets.

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Nichijou is already a show with absurd occurrences, but even in a show like this, Nano stands out as particularly odd. She can explode if she stumbles, her hand can become a machine gun, sometimes food comes out of her body, one of her fists gets rocket propelled randomly, her feet are also armed with rocket boosters, and finally, she possesses both super-strength and reflexes.

The Death Note

Death threat

There is only some non-animated shows like Death threat, as the show is considered one of the best anime shows of all time. As serious and compelling as the show’s storytelling and drama is, one thing that has to be admitted is the concept of the main character’s favorite tool, the death note. Throughout the show, its rules are explained, but the working process remains a mystery.

All the death note requires is a person’s name and a mental picture of what they look like. That’s all the user needs to take a life. The shinigami possess the death notes, but it doesn’t seem like they’re the ones who compel those written in them or the world around them to kill the intended victim. It is also never explained what would happen to a person if they changed their name between the time their old name was written and their death.

tail gear

It’s going to be the Twin-Tail!!

It’s going to be the Twin-Tail!! is definitely one of weirdest tv shows aired ever. As the title suggests, It’s going to be the Twin-Tail! is a show heavily centered around one boy’s obsession with the two-tailed hairstyle. He’s so obsessed with it, in fact, that he barely hesitates when asked to defend the world from monsters using a device that turns him into a girl with two tails.

The device that can accomplish such a feat is called the Tail Gear, a weapon that until its existence could only be used by women. When the device is activated, the wearer is granted superhuman abilities such as super strength, speed, and reflexes. They also have access to an element that corresponds to the respective Tail Gear, such as the protagonist being able to fight using fire thanks to the Tail Gear “Red Courage”.

Shizuku’s vacuum cleaner

Hunter X Hunter

If there is a similarity between Hunter X Hunter and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series, it would be the fact that both have the great potential to grant their characters the weirdest abilities. Although for anyone interested in either series, they are both considered the best anime on netflix. Shizuku’s nen ability was his main reason for being allowed to join the Phantom Troupe.

To be specific, Shuzku’s ability is to create a vacuum with a mouth, teeth, and a ridiculously long tongue that can consume an infinite amount of inanimate objects. Along with him, she is usually tasked with cleaning up the corpses the group leaves behind in its operations. She can even remove poison and gases from a human body and draw blood from a wounded enemy.

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