10 Fruit Basket Characters Who Ruined Their Likeability

The Sweet But Dark Anime Series Fruit basket is full of characters that fans can’t get enough of. Some of the characters have even earned a special place in the hearts of fans after seeing the inner struggles the characters have had to overcome. However, there are many characters that fans want to see less of or not at all.

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From extremely annoying characters to unreasonably cruel characters, there is a wide variety of gruesome characters that make fans clench their teeth to watch. There’s plenty that helps catch up on some of the darkness that lurks between the story lines.

ten Kakeru is a human rollercoaster

Kakeru stretches and yawns in Fruits Basket

When first meeting Kakeru, Yuki instantly remembers her older brother. Although there have been times when he has been useful to Yuki, his personality is all over the place, causing anyone present to become exhausted.

He can go from serious to humorous then serious, then suddenly do something over the top. He is too laid back and has a knack for offloading club responsibilities to others. Yuki has even said before that he gets a boost just from being around Kakeru and is often annoyed by his antics.

9 Motoko is an unrealistic drama queen

Yuki Fan Club's Motoko daydreaming with pink sparkles around her in Fruits Basket

The Prince Yuki Fan Club as a whole was a focal point of annoyance for many fans, but club president Motoko Minagawa was the worst of them all. She is the first to lead the charge against Tohru and all the other girls who get too close to their so-called prince. Motoko is terribly obsessed with Yuki.

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She even convinces some members of the club to follow Hanajima to learn her weakness in an effort to keep Tohru away from Yuki. Even after his confession, she still retains the toxic good times between her and Yuki, which are just times when she stalks him.

8 Hiro needs to say nothing at all sometimes

The loose-mouthed kid, Hiro, was introduced as a bully-type character when he first met Tohru. He was rude and quick to degrade her. He even stole an important item belonging to Tohru but was released with a simple conference to respect others.

There would be more times when he displayed his snappy attitude towards the other members, or even the use of sharp words to ask a cold question. Tohru (and sometimes Kisa) is often the unexpected target. However, there is a small glimpse of hope that this behavior will change when her new baby sister is born.

7 Rin shares his zodiac animal’s stubbornness

Rin Sohma glaring in a fruit basket

The harsh traits of the horse zodiac come through strongly in Rin from start to finish. Part of her stubbornness can be understood, such as not being able to forgive Akito for what she did to him. But there are plenty of times when his stubbornness has gotten him in trouble or hurt others.

Her persistence in breaking the curse without anyone’s help causes her to mistreat herself and others around her. This even leads to her being locked up at one point. Many of these situations could have been avoided if she hadn’t let her stubbornness blind her.

6 Kagura needs to learn restraint

Even though Kagura doesn’t appear as often as the other members of the Zodiac, her presence never fails due to the wreckage that seems to follow her. Her mood can turn violent very quickly, causing her to fly into a blind rage and damage objects – and sometimes other people – around her.

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She never seems to get these violent tendencies or emotional outbursts under control. What’s worse is that she never hesitates to blame others for her actions and continues to act childishly.

5 Sohma’s head housekeeper was an inhibitor

Sohma Head Maid gives a cold smile in a fruit basket

The head housekeeper of the Sohma family has been around for many generations and is a firm believer in respecting traditions. She despises any member who has moved out of residence and those who have broken these traditions.

She is a big inhibitor of Akito’s mental state accepting the belief that the members of the zodiac belonged to Akito. She never questioned Akito’s cruel mistreatment of Zodiac members and often encouraged their punishment. The only time the maid ever questioned Akito was when Akito tried to do the right thing for once.

4 Ren was a conniving lover and parent

Akito's mother Ren screams and points at the fruit basket

Ren, Akito’s mother and Akira’s wife, believed in getting what she felt she deserved. To gain high status in the family and fulfill her obsession with Akira, she slowly begins to penetrate his heart. However, her real fangs show when Akito is born and is overly jealous of the attention Akira gives Akito.

She gets angry when Akito is given the title of Head of Household and starts making insane demands, such as demanding that Akito be raised as a boy and making endless cruel remarks to Akito. Ren despises Akito so much that she seduced Shigure into sleeping with her, knowing that Akito would be hurt.

3 Yuki’s Mom Wins Worst Mom of the Year Award

Yuki's mother looks at paper in a fruit basket

There are many parents of cursed members of the Sohma family who have especially accepted their zodiac animal children, but there are also many who become abusive or sink into despair to have them.

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However, Yuki’s mother takes the cake in the abusive sector, especially when she ignores Yuki’s childhood plea to avoid Akito because of the torture he suffered. There’s even a moment when she slaps him for crying. As she gets older, she is still very dismissive of him and even admits that he was just a tool for her to gain status.

2 Shigure was a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Shigure with a menacing smile

At first, Shigure Sohma looked like a harmless little pup with evil tendencies and a humorous nature to pick on others. He was also seen giving a lot of sage advice, especially to Tohru. However, as the story progresses, Shigure’s true nature of manipulating and rubbing salt on new wounds begins to emerge.

Hatori even calls him several times and warns him against harming Tohru for his own personal gain. Shigure is even revealed to be one of the many causes of Akito’s twisted emotions.

1 Forgiveness comes too easily for Akito

The head of the Sohma Family, Akito Sohma, is feared by most members of the Sohma Family. This comes from the years of verbal and physical abuse Akito inflicted on them. Some of these altercations resulted in permanent bodily harm and near-death injuries.

Even though it’s later revealed exactly why Akito was the way she was, it’s still inexcusable. While Tohru and some members may forgive Akito, there are many who have good reason not to forgive him.

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