10 Powers Luffy From One Piece Has But Rarely Uses

A playThe captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, often finds himself in situations that show off his unique Devil Fruit abilities, the Gum-Gum Fruit (Gumu-Gumu no Mi). Throughout 1000 episodes and over 20 years of adventures, fans have seen Luffy use a multitude of powers, whether fighting enemies or engaging in shenanigans with his allies.

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Luffy has a vast catalog of abilities in his tool belt. As such, there are certain powers that the seasoned captain inevitably stops using. Fans would be surprised at all the powers Luffy has but barely seems to use. Some of them may even be the key to achieving his Pirate King dream.

ten Gum-Gum Rocket, Luffy’s path through the skies

One of the first techniques used in the series, Gum-Gum Rocket essentially turns Luffy into a human missile. Luffy performs this move by grabbing an object, pulling back, and releasing to fly through the air. The Gum-Gum Rocket takes fast travel to a new level. Luffy can attach himself to any place he desires or propel himself at his enemies. As the series progressed, Luffy decided to take the most traveled path and run to many of his destinations.

9 Gum-Gum fireworks, a sign of Luffy’s epic displays

Luffy has a few moves he displays throughout the A play series where he sends a barrage of attacks in many directions. In the case of Gum-Gum Fireworks, he wraps his arms and legs in a ball and quickly releases his limbs to unleash a flurry of blows on his enemies.

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Few of Luffy’s powers use his arms and legs at the same time, which makes Gum-Gum Fireworks unique. Additionally, Luffy’s extremities attack enemies randomly from all directions during this particular technique.

8 The Gear Two and Three combo is dangerous when implemented

The combined use of two of Luffy’s trademark power-ups is a clear example of the “the more the merrier” concept. If one power-up isn’t enough to get the job done, adding an extra second will fix things. Gear Two, which uses the power of increased blood flow to greatly increase Luffy’s speed, and Gear Three, which uses the swelling of his bones to enlarge body parts to create more power, are surprisingly compatible with each other. Luffy often encounters situations where either speed or power isn’t enough, but both can turn the tide.

seven Gum-Gum UFO, Luffy’s madness in full screen

Gum-Gum UFO allows Luffy to miraculously hover in the air, essentially giving him the power to fly, a skill coveted by many. Gear Four also gives Luffy the ability to fly, but Gum-Gum UFO doesn’t have the same haki exhaustion consequences. To remove Gum-Gum UFO, Luffy twists his legs and rotates them horizontally. As her legs circle around, they attack and kick anyone unfortunate enough to be in her direct path. Due to the ridiculous nature of this attack, Gum-Gum UFO is also great for catching enemies off guard.

6 Conquerors Haki, The Fodder Buster

Luffy’s ability to use his willpower and intimidation, known as Conquerors Haki, is great for mowing down enemies. Before any boss battle, there always seem to be mundane henchmen blocking the way and preventing the heroes from reaching their goal.

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Conquerors Haki is a game changer allowing Luffy to instantly knock out weak fodder that will inevitably try to move against him and his friends. For a series as long as A play, fans can only imagine how quickly the story arcs would move forward if most of the fodder was immediately knocked out with Conquerors Haki.

5 Gum-Gum Net, Luffy’s Must-Have Catch

The Gum-Gum Net is a move where Luffy intertwines his fingers and stretches them out in a net pattern to trap, capture, and knock down opponents. Luffy’s Gum-Gum Net ability is essential for capturing enemies and can be useful for any operation the heroes wish to perform. The advantage of capturing an enemy and being able to extract relevant information can be key to saving the day and achieving Luffy’s objective in each arc. Even in a fight, the Gum-Gum Net comes in handy. If he wants, Luffy can be a walking prison.

4 Gum-Gum Bell, the ultimate brain breaker

A good headbutt, like the Gum-Gum Bell, is extremely effective at deeply damaging or incapacitating enemies. Since Luffy is made of rubber, there is untapped potential for how he can use his head. Luffy starts by stretching his head back and pulling it inward to unleash a monstrous headbutt. Usually a headbutt is a double-edged sword, but in Luffy’s case, it’s devastating. When feeling very lethal, Luffy has been known to latch onto his enemy to ensure the Gum-Gum Bell connects.

3 Gum-Gum Giant Hammer, Luffy brings down justice

Luffy’s Gum-Gum Giant Hammer is one of the rarest powers in A play, and some fans may not recognize this attack at all. Luffy wraps his feet around his opponent’s neck as he stretches and twists his legs, building up massive amounts of potential energy.

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As Luffy relaxes, his enemy experiences a state of fear and dizziness as he is quickly spun and wiggled through the air until he is brought down to the ground on his head and neck, ending the any conflict. Don Kreig is on the shortlist of opponents who know the bad side of this power.

2 Gum-Gum Daze, Luffy opens his thing eye

Many have wanted the chance to disconnect and let the mind flow freely to avoid the tribulations that arise from time to time. No one has been able to put this into practice in such a graceful display as Monkey D. Luffy when performing Gum-Gum Daze.

The only demonstration of this wonder was against God Enel. When confronting someone who calls himself “God”, the Straw Hat Captain turns off his mind and relies on his pure instinct to thwart Enel’s future predictive abilities.

1 Gum-Gum Storm, one of Luffy’s most iconic powers

When Luffy performs the Gum-Gum Storm, he begins by using his Gum-Gum Balloon technique. Then he twists and blasts through the air while spinning, generating massive amounts of momentum and letting himself fly towards his enemy while unleashing a barrage of fists. Luffy loosens up in this process and creates amazing power capable of bursting through bedrock. Luffy’s Gum-Gum Storm is an ability used during one of the series’ most iconic climaxes. Surprisingly, Gum-Gum Storm is rarely used after this time.

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