10 ways Star Trek: Prodigy connects to Canon

Star Trek: Prodigy recently received a season 2 order which also extended its first season from 10 to 20 episodes. To prepare for it and give Star Trek: Discovery room, Prodigy took a break after just five episodes. Star trek is currently booming on the small screen with four shows and more underway.

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ProdigyThe main goal of is to appeal to a much younger audience. This means that the show exists in a mysterious place in the Star trek canon, but there are plenty of clues and connections for new and old fans to get their teeth into.


A Janeway Hologram

Star Trek Prodigy Janeway clip

Captain Kathryn Janeway is one of the best characters from Star Trek traveler. His mission for the duration of the show was to get his crew home from the Delta Quadrant as quickly as possible. At the end of the seven-year journey, that’s exactly what she did. The last time the audience saw her was in an appearance on Star Trek: Nemesis who revealed that she had been promoted to admiral.

While Star Trek: Prodigy doesn’t reveal exactly what happened to the original Janeway, her hologram gives some clues to her Starfleet status. A hologram was modeled on her for the emergency command hologram on the USS Protostar and the show could prepare her to have a similar trajectory to that of the EMH’s. Star Trek: Voyager.

The Delta Quadrant

Star Trek Prodigy threw Janeway poster

The Delta Quadrant is a familiar setting for trekking fans as The Borg’s home and the main setting for Star Trek: Voyager. This quadrant of the galaxy remains largely unexplored by Star trek standards. Traveler may have encountered new species and threats, but most of them drew a straight line from the quadrant and often jumped entire light years.

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While the young Protostar crew may be interested in moving out of the Delta Quadrant and into Federation space, Prodigy allows the public to discover entirely new planets and species. This would go a long way towards accomplishing Star trekmain mission, which is to explore strange new worlds.

USS Protostar

USS Protostar in space in Star Trek: Prodigy

The mysterious ship at the heart of Star Trek: Prodigy is the USS Protostar. This odd ship appears smaller than the average Federation ship and is even more streamlined than the USS Defiant. But the design is unmistakably Starfleet. The ship’s design invokes other experimental ships such as the USS Equinox from Star Trek: Voyager.

Its NX designation suggests that it is an experimental vessel that has traveled further than few have done before. Throughout Voyager’s journey, they always tried to find a way to travel faster than their maximum distortion, but the designers of the Protostar seem to have found a solution. The ship is equipped with a Protostar engine which allows them to travel a lot faster than any previous Federation ship.

The jellyfish species

A Medusan as seen in Star Trek Prodigy

Even if it wasn’t the most emblematic episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, “Truly, is there no beauty? »Introduced the Medusans. The Medusans were a non-bodily and asexual species, very intelligent and telepathic. But their sight would make bodily beings lose their sanity.

In Star Trek: Prodigy, a Medusan named Zero was able to tinker with a containment unit so they could interact with bodily beings without losing their minds. Unlike others in their species, he does not appear to be a particularly skilled navigator and it remains to be seen how they ended up so far from their people.

A bird of prey

Star Trek Bird of Prey

One of the most emblematic ships of all the iconography of Star trek is the Klingon bird of prey. Klingons are among the most memorable heroes and villains in the franchise. These ships are fast and can pack a punch and they’ve been a thorn in the side of federations and an asset when needed. Like all Klingon ships, they are equipped with a camouflage device and the interiors are spartan in nature.

On the murderous planet the Protostar crew discovered, they found refuge in a rugged ship all too familiar to fans of Trek: A Bird of Prey. How the Bird of Prey got out there was not explained, but the heroes took refuge in this ship and discovered Klingon food like Gagh and a Klingon weapon like Mek’leth.

Star Trek: The Discovery Is Mentioned

USS Discovery A

Star Trek: Discovery was the first new Star trek to come out, back when the streaming service was called CBS All Access, and it quickly became a huge hit that ushered in a new golden age for Star trek. In the plot of the series, after Season 2, the USS Discovery was sent 900 years into the future and all records of the ship were sealed so that the franchise’s cannon could be maintained.

When Hologram Janeway explains the Federation to the new Protostar crew, she displays a hologram of all kinds of ships, one being the USS Discovery. Perhaps at the end of the 24th century, the records of the find were unsealed. We don’t do much with this ship but it’s the first time we’ve been part of the current Star trek shows referenced another current and not just a classic.

Familiar enemies

Voyager has made a lot of friends in the Delta Quadrant and more than a few enemies. Throughout the show, they would face off against species like the Kazon, a nomadic species, and the Hirogen, a hunting species that would hunt Voyager for sport.

Both species are mentioned in Star Trek: Prodigy. A member of the Kazon provides the mining colony with new workers to extract the crystals, and Hologram Janeway recommends that the Protostar move away from Hirogen space, given that they are one of Star trekthe strongest species of, is a wise decision. As only a few episodes have been released at the moment, it remains to be seen if these species will have regular appearances.

The caitians are appearing

An alien and a caitian in Star Trek: Prodigy

Caitians have very rarely appeared in live-action and are often featured in animated shows. A cat-like alien, they first made an appearance in Star Trek: The Animated Series and then again in Star Trek: Lower Bridges.

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In a brief scene from Prodigy, Gwyn shows compassion to a young Caitian child, even going so far as to speak in his native language. Sadly, this kid was put to work on the mining colony and was left behind when Gwyn and the rest of the main characters escaped on the Protostar.


A founding member of the Federation, the Tellarites are a humanoid, pig-like species and need very little explanation outside of that. They rarely played a big part in Star trek, apart from a few supporting appearances.

Prodigy decided to boldly go where no one has gone before, featuring a Tellarite as one of the main characters in the form of Jankom Pog. Although he is different from the rest of his species in that he speaks in the third person, his demeanor matches some of the more brutal members perfectly.

The Federation

Federation Flag Star Trek Discovery Season 3

The Federation is the promise of utopia. Many alien species such as Andorians, Vulcans, humans and others came together to form an alliance that would strive for peace and harmony in the galaxy.

The Federation is just a dream for the characters of Prodigy but this is the one they want to chase. Working together on the Protostar gave them their own smaller version of the Federation.

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