49ers vs. Cowboys Live Updates: Wild-Card Game News, Scores TV Channel, Analysis, Nickelodeon Option

It’s interesting to see that fans are asked to dress in white, not to sell their tickets and to make noise. I guess the last two of those three ideas are pretty obvious, but if you want the mob to mind its own business, there’s a way to easily control that thought.

Start with a hit.

If there’s anything this generation of Cowboys football has failed to consistently demonstrate, it’s the ability to come into a game front-footed, composed and ready to attack. I suspect this is your leader and quarterback Dak Prescott’s way of grabbing the team by the scruff of the neck and pushing it, because we know the alternative – a slow start, a few hesitant signs, and maybe- even being a moment or two that suggests the home side are trying to manage their nerves.

And then if the Cowboys start with the nerves working against them, we often see over 90,000 reacting in the same nervous way. You can feel it and it’s certainly a lot more reactive than proactive, but a nervous Cowboys Stadium often seems to just multiply the pressure and sometimes that never changes during the day.

The best way to ensure the opponent faces a sound barrier and a truly hostile environment is for Dallas to fill the stadium with full conviction as quickly as possible. It might seem like a weird early key to articulate, but it comes with dinner in 2022 with this team. With huge ramifications swirling over the direction of the franchise with even the outcome of this case, I would try to treat the opening minutes of this game with the significance of the final minutes.

Set the tone with a show of force as early in the storyline as possible.

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