A cut above the rest

Back in 1997 with the first group of students in their hostels in Manipal, India.

KUCHING (August 14): Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM) turns 25 in September 2022. Formerly known as Melaka-Manipal Medical College, MUCM is the alma mater of more than 5,000 doctors and nearly 600 dentists from Malaysia, as well as all over the world.

Based in Melaka, MUCM continues to offer the following options for healthcare industry aspirants:

Foundation in Science (FIS): a solid springboard

MUCM’s one-year program, The Science Foundation, aims to help students get a head start in their chosen field of health sciences. Offering a mix of subjects, our FIS is the academic bridge specifically designed to equip students with the proper foundation of the fundamental knowledge they will need to ensure a smooth transition to their undergraduate studies.

What makes the MUCM Foundation in Science unique for future healthcare professionals is the inclusion of topics from preclinical studies of a health science degree. These would be basic human anatomy and basic human physiology topics.

Another unique feature of the MUCM Science Foundation is the POSMED competition, through which students create a poster that showcases student research on medical devices from aspects of biology, physics, mathematics, and correlation. clinical. As part of this, students are also required to produce a prototype to complete their posters using recycled materials. This semester 1 assessment integrates foundation level learning with medical and dental technologies.

MUCM’s MBBS 2022 Class, Jubilee Year Graduates

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): India to Malaysia

The name Manipal has resonated in the Malaysian healthcare system for the past 68 years with thousands of Manipal graduate doctors in India. MUCM continues this fine tradition of quality medical education through its MBBS which is a degree entirely in Malaysia since 2021.

The MBBS program is a blend of traditional and contemporary teaching and learning modalities, such as cadaveric dissection and 3D virtual dissections in anatomy. Shadow work from home built into the final semester curriculum immerses medical students in a world of near-real-life working conditions. It paves the way for graduates to easily blend into the clinical professional life of hospitals.

That said, medical graduates have several paths these days after graduating as doctors. They can choose to stay in practice, advance in research, enter corporate organizations by becoming a hospital manager or administrator, or an occupational health specialist, or choose to serve the community by being in public health. Qualifying with an MBBS is only the first step as it is no longer a fixed path to becoming a practicing clinician.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS): Feeding Oral Physicians

The BDS program at MUCM is anchored around the training of a comprehensive and clinically sound dental surgeon, as it is trained by experienced specialists in each area of ​​dental specialty. Classrooms and clinic floors are always buzzing with case-based learning (CBL) activities, where professors and lecturers shared their many years of clinical experiences and seen cases to train critical skills and analytical in diagnosing and planning patient treatment.

With an on-site clinic that is popular with the people of Melaka, students are given a comprehensive foundation in their clinical skills. This ensures that MUCM BDS graduates are not only job-ready, but also extremely proficient in many areas vis-à-vis the mouth. This makes it much easier when deciding on the region, as well as the field of dentistry in which they would choose to practice.

Future MBBS and BDS graduates of MUCM, our inspiration for the future

The future to come

As MUCM continues to train doctors and dentists, it will expand its offering of health care-related undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The establishment by MUCM of its research branches through the MUCM Research Management Center as well as the Dental Center of Excellence strongly supports this expansion.

The world keeps turning; what we see today we saw 100 years ago in a different form. What awaits the future healthcare professional will be different from today. For this reason, backed by its lineage of being from the House of Manipal, MUCM is a cut above the rest when it comes to nurturing the best in the profession!

For more information about our program, call us at 1700-811-662 or visit us at www.manipal.edu.my

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