A delirious drop tells the workers to meditate: Prince Harry 2022

By telling companies to give their employees time to meditate when they should be working, Prince Harry comes across as nothing but a delusional drip

Summarized most accurately on Twitter by a certain Andrew Mander – who replied: “As said by a guy with no real idea of ​​what daily work really means” – The wide-awake, work-shy Prince Harry has rightly come under fire after yet again condescending to the very public he shunned when he claimed he and his wife wanted ‘privacy’.

Filmed at his sprawling £10.3m ($14m, €12.2m or £51.4m) mansion in California, no doubt with the ‘Meddling MeGain’ money running his every word in the background, the Duke of Sussex this time decided to offer gibberish on ‘me time’, ‘burnout’ and meditation in the workplace. He did it on behalf of the “empowerment” startup BetterUp – a company that pays him a very likely very high salary, figure unknown.

Proving to be blindly unable to comprehend the fact that corporations employ individuals to perform a task which is in fact called ‘work’ and that ‘work’ involves doing actual ‘work’, this somewhat intellectually challenged and very privileged told companies to “give everyone time to focus on themselves. Of his own “work” – which no one else seems to know what it entails – the attention seeker bleated pathetically:

“I went through a burnout and I was at the end of everything I had. Any fuel I had in the engine, it was like, boom.

“I know how my nervous system will react to things beyond my control. [I think]: ‘What do I have in my toolbox?’ What do I have available? »

Going further without explaining that he and his brass-necked wife are simply doing everything they can to shamelessly pick up as many wonga as they can without unnecessary squatting since their supposedly permanent move to the United States, the non- expert on everything the renegade royal has concluded anyone prepared to listen to:

“Mental fitness is the pinnacle…I know I have to meditate every day…Put it on [into your daily routine] like brushing your teeth every morning… As I said at the beginning, everyone has such busy days, if you have 15 minutes of white space… I assign half an hour or 45 minutes in the morning when one child has gone to school and the other is taking a nap, there is a break in our program… I hope everyone is able to do this.

Those with a genuine understanding of mental health, like perhaps the late Dr Anthony Clare – Britain’s best-known psychiatrist – would certainly have been anything but impressed by the musings of this idiotic spokesman and the public not more. “Absolutely unbearable, his mum must be rolling over in her grave” declared one of this total drop by drop; another added: ‘He’s really lost his mind now. HazBeen. Does he need professional help? Yes, a divorce lawyer. Following!

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“Mental fitness is the pinnacle, that’s what you’re aiming for. The road to that can be really bumpy…it’s called the inner ‘work’ for a reason.”


“With everything around you, the only way to fight [burnout] and build resilience for the outer world and your entire environment is the inner work…The outer work becomes so much easier when you master the inner work…If everyone [had time] To do [inner work]the shift in global consciousness and awareness would be huge, it would be vast.


“I know I need to meditate every day… Put it on [into your daily routine] like brushing your teeth every morning… You have to put it in your diary as a habit, otherwise it’s the first thing that gets away from your busy day.


“I have now spent about half an hour, 45 minutes in the morning when one child has gone to school and the other is taking a nap, there is a break in our program. It’s like, okay, it’s either to exercise, or walk the dog, get out in nature, maybe meditate. I hope everyone will be able to do this.


“Life is about learning and if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s and you think everything is settled then bad things are going to happen. But when a bad thing happens, I think there’s a lesson here, I’m educated by the universe, there’s something for me to learn.


“Any bad thing – or the things you perceive as bad – that actually happen can be good.”


“You have to have someone there who not only guides you through life, but challenges your perspective. That’s what I ask [my mental coach] on a weekly basis…Professional help, friends, family, anyone can help you with this coaching process [and give you] the ability to be able to find someone else to reject ideas, feelings or thoughts.


“Have different points of view in your life and friends who won’t bother to push away the things you say or feel so they can encourage you to be able to see things more clearly. I see this as an attempt to surround myself with people who will be happy to wash [my mental] windshield and clean those filters… There is an endless filtering system of what you think is going on.


“I know how my nervous system will react to certain situations that are beyond my control, [so I think], what do I have in my toolbox? What tools can help me manage this? »


“Life is made of discoveries. In this discovery, you are going to find things that you don’t like, you are going to find things that make you uncomfortable, that constantly push you away, but as you go you work your way around these things, all of a sudden, the stress, the chaos and all the things that were working against you in your life, whether it’s private life, whether it’s professional life… all the things that bother you disappear or you visualize them and are able to turn a negative into a positive and therefore make those things work for you.It almost feels like a superpower.

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