A man loses his teeth in a fight … accuses a cop of having falsified a file


The Attorney General’s (PG) decision not to allow prosecution in an assault case in which a man lost three of his teeth left the victim shattered and calls into question the essence of justice.

The victim, Darrel Muyoba Liswani, was assaulted by a gang of eight men, including a police officer in October.

The incident took place at the famous Katima Mulilo cooling spot at the site of First Chotto.

Liswani and her family are agitated by the PG’s decision, saying justice has clearly been denied.

New Era saw the letter from the PG’s office.

The victim however points to gendarme Clive Sifani Mukaya, one of his alleged attackers, for having falsified the investigator’s initial statements.

They allege that Mukaya had access to the file and went to modify the complainant’s statement as well as that of the witnesses.

“We have established that the statements have been changed. How can they tell that I fell after climbing a wall? everyone knows that there are no walls at First Chotto, because it is just an open space. All the police cover and conspire with their colleague, ”Liswani accused.

Moreover, he says, he now understands why the PG decided not to prosecute, because what was provided was falsified information.

“I can clearly understand why he was bragging when he called to harass me after I was attacked and subsequently opened a case, CR152 / 10/2021. How can I be denied justice? I was beaten by eight people and now I have a permanent scar after my teeth were knocked out. So how can the PG say that there is a lack of evidence when it is obvious that I have lost my teeth, ”asked a disgruntled Liswani, recounting his ordeal.

Liswani added that after the phone threats, he approached the police again to report the case, saying he no longer felt safe, but nothing was done, he claims.

Liswani said that in October he was invited by a friend to hang out at First Choto, where they began to smoke unrestrainedly.

However, all hell broke loose after he tried to put a new flavor in the hubbly.

“At that point, I was approached by Sinengela, who then started questioning and insulting me as to why I was handling the hubbly which is not mine. I responded by saying that I was invited to participate and that I was just helping to replace the burnt flavor. This explanation did not help and led to a quarrel – and Sinengela hit me with a bottle. A tooth has fallen out. I tried to retreat, but he chased me further, ”he said.

“So I tried to defend myself. At that point, the other people came over to me and started kicking and punching me all over the place. While I was already defeated, Mukaya hit me on the mouth with a fist fitted with knuckle rings, then two more teeth fell out. A policeman from elsewhere? All I want is justice to prevail, and now I know how the cops sweep things under the rug to protect each other. “

Questions posed to the police were not answered at the time of printing, despite numerous attempts and promises to do so.

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