Associate Director in San Bernardino, CA — Money Diary

Occupation: Associate Director
Industry: Higher Education
Age: 34
Site: San Bernardino County, California
Salary: $79,000
My partner’s salary: $105,000
Net value : ~- $300,000 (I currently have no savings. What I had in savings was used to supplement living expenses while I was trying to start a consulting business last year (which doesn’t didn’t really take off like I expected/needed) and I’m confident that’s going to change this year. Or at least it’s better because it gives me heart palpitations every time I think about it. My partner and I have completely separate accounts, but what’s mine is his and vice versa.)
Debt: $285,000 in student loans (Masters and PhD), $18,355 left on my car loan
Amount of my paycheck (bi-weekly): $2,400
Amount of my partner’s paycheck (1x/month): $5,100
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
To rent: $2,000 for a two bed, one bath including utilities. I live with my partner and my son.
Student loans: Currently on break
Payment for my car: $355
Payment for my partner’s car: $225
Payment of my partner’s loan: $419
Health insurance: $205 (Removed from my partner’s paycheck. We are registered domestic partners, which means in the state of California my son and I can be covered by his health insurance.)
Alimony: $1,450 (That’s what my partner pays his ex-wife.)
The Internet: $75
Cellphone: $45 (This is my share. It’s $85 for my partner’s share of his family plan with his mother and sister.)
Preschool: $794
Car insurance: $125 for me, $100 for my partner
Tenant insurance: $22
Storage unit: $94
24-hour fitness: $25 (My partner’s membership.)
Amazon Prime: $15
YouTubePremium: $15 (My partner’s membership.)
Apple Storage: $2.99
New York Times: $4
Spotify: $16
Gift of the Sisterhood Foundation: $15
Zoom: $12.99
Microsoft Office 365/One Drive: $7
Disney+, Netflix, HBO: $0 (We’re poking fun at various family members for these.)

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