BDS Year One Results Announced by UHS Lahore


The result of the first annual professional BDS 2020 exam was announced by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Friday.

The first annual professional BDS 2020 exam took place from March to April 2021.

A total of 983 students from various institutes took part in the exam. Five hundred and eighty-six students passed the exam, while three hundred and ninety-three students failed.

Raheen Pasha of Multan Medical and Dental College, Multan, took the first position with a score of 618 out of 700.

Ujala Mehdi, who scored 598 points, and Maleeha Zamir, who scored 597 points, took second and third positions respectively. Mehdi studied dentistry at Montmorency College of Dentistry in Lahore, while Zamir studied medicine and dentistry at FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry in Lahore.

The results of four students were retained.

According to the university, the overall cut-off percentage for BDS freshmen was 58.84%, with Akhter Saeed Medical and Dental College in Lahore having the highest pass rate of all universities in the UHS list. Lahore.

Thirteen students received honors in anatomy (including histology), 11 in physiology, five in oral biology and dental morphology, and none received honors in biochemistry.

According to UHS Lahore, candidates who have not passed the exams must submit their admission file before August 9, 2021, and with a double price on August 16, 2021.

The additional exams will start on August 31, 2021.

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