Burglar punches pizzeria manager and breaks his teeth before fleeing

A serial burglar attacked a pizzeria manager, who caught him entering.

Martin Brown, 58, slipped into The Borough’s Hinckley fast food outlet while the victim was at the scene.

But the manager heard a noise from the back of the store and went to investigate before he was quickly punched in the face by the intruder, causing him to bang his head against a wall.

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Sinjin Bulbring, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court: “His teeth were knocked out and his mouth was bleeding.”

He courageously pursued while the accused fled.

Brown threw a bin into the victim’s path, knocking her over, as he drove through the parking lot at Eden Court.

As a result of the incident, the victim lost two lower teeth, and two other teeth were also damaged.

The court heard initial dental treatment, for false teeth on a plate, had already cost £800 with permanent implants expected to cost upwards of £10,000.

Brown, 58, of no fixed address, admitted causing actual bodily harm and burglary at One A Pizza House takeout on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

He also admitted breaking into the same pizzeria a month earlier on Monday, November 16, when he couldn’t find any money.

Brown, who has 140 criminal offenses to his name, had left empty-handed and hours after the pizzeria manager was attacked, he robbed an Indian restaurant, Bengal Village, across the road, causing £800 damage.

He admitted to the burglary and the theft of £400 as well as 12 bottles of beer.

Mr Bulbring said Brown was currently serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence, handed down last May, for a series of previous seven-offence burglaries, in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

Mitigating Mark Harrison said that when Brown was branded a “career burglar” while jailed in May.

The lawyer added: ‘It is obvious that there are aggravating elements in this case, but the defendant thinks it is more likely that the damage to the plaintiff’s teeth was caused when he fell on the bin rather than on the punch.

“Whatever the cause, he accepts the injuries arising from his criminality.

“His time in police custody was difficult, having tested positive for Covid-19 on three occasions.

“He also had a heart attack four or five months ago.

“His days of running away from traders are long behind him.

“He has a permanent ankle injury, arthritis in his hips and is appearing in court today, via link from police custody, in a wheelchair.

“His earliest release date is February 26 next year and these offenses were part of the spree for which he is already serving time.

“It’s time he stopped offending and he pledges to stay out of trouble when he’s released.”

Recorder David Richards said: “In 2020 you continued your career as a burglar as described and this assault happened during the break-in at the pizzeria premises.

“The victim, who exercises a public service as a merchant, was permanently disfigured.”

He said that since 1982, Brown had committed 140 felonies, mostly for thefts and similar offenses, as well as numerous burglaries of commercial premises.

Brown was jailed for nine months, running consecutively, after the sentence he is already serving.

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