Chewing gum consumption has plummeted in the US, and there are already those blaming the iPhone for the debacle

Chewing gums are not living their best moment. and in the United States they blame the chewing gum sales debacle on the iPhone. The thesis is simple: when you queue at the supermarket, you no longer look at the impulse purchase department. We look at the iPhone.

Say goodbye to impulse purchases at the supermarket

In 2017, gum sales in the United States were down and no one knew why. Until Euromonitor International assures that same year that the fault lies with the iPhone and the smartphone. In a study carried out since 2007, the year of the launch of the top secret project called iPhone, the firm discovered that chewing gum sales fell 15%.

The iPhone doesn’t leave enough free time for people to chew gum.

This is the main argument with which the iPhone would have disturbed an industry as far removed from electronics as chewing gum. Chewing gum was one of people’s favorite ways hang around and think you were doing something. The iPhone filled all those little free time gaps throughout the day.

There is no longer a place to get bored, because you just have to go in your pocket or your bag and get immediate entertainment. This is why in the queues of supermarkets, traditional places where impulse purchases such as chewing gum are found, we no longer look around us. We pull out the iPhone and dive into everything: news, social media, messaging and more.

An eternally blurred generation:

The impact on chewing gum is therefore twofold. First of all, your purchase goes unnoticed in the queue from the supermarket, because we are with the iPhone in hand and inconsiderate purchases are reduced. Second, because when we have a minimum hole, we return to the iPhone to entertain ourselves in its infinity.

Other theories explaining the decline of chewing gum

Although the theory that the iPhone and the smartphone in general They put an end to our impatience and impulse buying makes sense, there are other possible explanations. Pocket space seems to be one of those keys that is usually overlooked.

Before, we used to carry all kinds of mixed things in our pockets: keys, coins, wallet, chewing gum. When the iPhone arrived and its all-screen facade, began to inhabit one of the pockets alone. And that caused a reordering of priorities in the things we were taking with us.

Another explanation lies in the decrease in the number of smokers in the United States over time. A trend that started in the middle of the last century and which has increased in recent years. Many smokers seek to mask their tobacco smell with chewing gum, so a drop in the number of smokers would lead to a drop in chewing gum consumption.

This top secret project called iPhone

Whatever the reason, it’s true that the iPhone has changed many aspects of our life. Some more obvious and positive. Others not so much. And with it come second-order, totally unforeseen consequences.

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