Close one eye? Woman says she was arrested by ICA officers for chewing gum, surprising netizens, Singapore News

Singapore is internationally and famous for its ban on chewing gum, but is it actively enforced here?

Well, a Singaporean woman recently found out the hard way that even bringing back small amounts of chewing gum can cause trouble.

In a now-deleted video shared last Sunday (October 23), TikTok user Its_cheryl recounted how she was stopped by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers after returning from vacation in Johor Bahru.

In her video, she is shown walking behind an immigration officer who was later seen throwing chewing gum into a trash can.

The 19-year-old also said she only brought two small tubes of chewing gum that she bought from a convenience store in Malaysia.

In the comments, several netizens were surprised that the CIA agents bothered to hold the woman in an office while they threw away the small amounts of chewing gum.

‘Literally the first person I know to get caught for this,’ said one netizen, while others claimed CIA agents ‘turned a blind eye’ when they brought back chewing gum for their personal consumption.

The confusion surrounding the chewing gum law continued on social media after TikTok user Darlenivanderwind pointed out that there is no law in Singapore prohibiting the consumption of chewing gum.


There is not law in Singapore that bans the consumption of chewing gum?!#chewinggum#singapore#bans#foryourpage

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When asked about the chewing gum ban on Tuesday, October 25, the ICA referred AsiaOne to its website listing the prohibited items that are not allowed to be imported into Singapore.

This includes chewing gums, except those for dental and medicinal use.

Others include chewing tobacco, controlled drugs and mind-altering substances, and obscene material.

In a TikTok video shared on Oct. 21, the Home Office warned of “promised more happiness” for those seeking to smuggle contraband into Singapore.


That one friend who tries to smuggle contraband items = no more promised happiness 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ica #secureborderssafesg #thinkb4youdo #pov #tiktoksg #fyp

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According to the Health Sciences Authority, visitors are only allowed to bring into the country up to three months worth of Singapore-registered medicinal chewing gum or oral dental gum.

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