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PASADENA, California, October 2, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A August 3 item on Labroots reports a common phenomenon in primates and other mammals in which stress causes visible, permanent lines to develop on their teeth. It is believed that the process occurs when the body diverts essential nutrients from the teeth to other areas. The article notes that the study likely has implications for humans, but exclusively examined mandrills, a species of monkey from Gabon. PasadenaPremier Care Dental Group, based at Premier Care, claims that whether or not this specific symptom is present in humans as it is in some of the closest animals, modern dentistry can help patients with any type of tooth damage. .

Premier Care Dental Group claims that most dental ailments are due to poor dental hygiene, but injuries and chronic stress can also take their toll. In humans, the most common effect of stress on teeth is teeth grinding (bruxism or clenching of the jaws, the group notes. If this continues without being treated with mouthguards or other tools, Broken or broken teeth tend to occur.The problem is that most teeth grinding occurs during sleep, which means that many people don’t realize they have bruxism until they are obvious problems appear.

Fortunately, Premier Care Dental Group claims that repairing broken or chipped teeth is a routine procedure these days. Although the exact nature of the damage determines the course of treatment, dental crowns, veneers or dental adhesives tend to be the most common solutions. The group says severe fractures may also require extraction, but, if the tooth is still viable, a tooth crown is usually the best treatment. The crown holds the broken pieces of the tooth together and, in most cases, looks and functions like the patient’s original tooth.

Premier Care Dental Group notes that for chipped teeth, dental veneers tend to be the remedy of choice. Rather than styling an entire tooth, natural-looking veneers simply protect the now vulnerable tooth from further damage. The group also says that if the chipped fragment is still healthy, it can simply be reattached with invisible dental glue.

Finally, the group notes that in the most serious cases, usually in cases where keeping the original tooth could do more harm than good, tooth extraction may be the only safe solution. Premier Care Dental Group says that in the rare event that it is necessary, patients can always opt for a functional and natural-looking denture. In particular, dental implants are virtually identical replacements which are extremely durable and long lasting.

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