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The popularity of fireworks in Butte is evident during the summer fireworks season, but many residents say the explosions extend into the early hours of the morning and have gotten out of hand.

The complaints aren’t new, but Angela Helvey, who moved to Butte in February, recently took them to the next level when she formally asked Commissioners to make changes.

For several weeks now, others have called on commissioners to reduce the 12-day window, establish a nighttime curfew for the use of fireworks, or both.

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The commissioners also heard from many opponents of any change. They say Butte celebrates like no other place in Montana and that fireworks season is woven into the fabric of the city. Both sides tried to rally the grassroots to their cause.

In the Wednesday morning edition of The Montana Standard, ahead of that evening’s board meeting, Jerry’s Fireworks released a large color ad that read: “12 Days to Celebrate Our Independence.”

It said to “call your advisor”, email them, or go to the meeting that evening “to keep our tradition”.

Board chair Cindi Shaw opened that night’s discussion by asking Osborne, the county fire marshal, to talk about fireworks.

He said he was not arguing for or against changes in local law, but said the fireworks would start on June 24, the day the stalls can start selling them.

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