Dharma Dog Services, a 5-Time ThreeBestRated® Award-Winning Pet Groomer in Vancouver, Shares the Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Like us humans, dogs are social animals accustomed to living in packs. Your four-legged friend is an equally important member of your family (like any other). It is therefore up to you to take care of certain things such as cleanliness concerning his well-being and that of the whole family.

Why does your pet need grooming?

If you’re a pet lover, you know that our beloved furry friend usually sits on couches or beds and roams around the house all day. And after all the stains and grime they accumulate from going out in the park or playing in the garden, a regular grooming schedule becomes essential!

It is especially crucial for long-haired pets, which require regular brushing and combing sessions. Grooming helps keep your pet happy and healthy, and you can avoid frequent visits to the vet.

The benefits of professional grooming

According to Dharma Dog Services, a 5-time ThreeBestRated® award-winning pet grooming service in Vancouver, “Routine grooming by an experienced professional grooming service can play a crucial role in keeping your pet healthy. . Hiring a professional groomer is a gift you can give yourself and your pet. It offers many benefits like

  • Healthy grooming – Professional pet groomers know exactly how to make your dog look good without causing injury. A pet groomer will thoroughly inspect your dog’s paws for cuts, thorns, or punctures.
  • Hassle-free nail trimming – Trimming nails is a dreaded task for most pet owners. A dog groomer knows how to make your dog cooperative and trim nails appropriately.
  • Professional haircuts – A professional groomer knows how to give your dog the perfect style.
  • Grooming tools and tips – Like us, our pets have different needs: long-haired dogs need different grooming supplies than short-haired breeds. Professional groomers use the most appropriate grooming supplies to achieve the best results and avoid irritation. A groomer will know what type of hairbrush to use and what type of haircut to give.
  • Detection of early signs of diseases/parasites – Professional groomers know dog anatomy and can help detect bumps, skin discoloration, rashes, skin lesions, bald patches, and gum discoloration in your dog. A well-trained professional groomer will also be able to tell you if your dog has parasites.

Although dog grooming can be a difficult chore for some, it is essential to do it regularly and correctly. Frequent and regular grooming by a professional service provider like Dharma Dog Services is essential to your pet’s overall health and well-being.

About Dharma Dog Services – Dog Grooming Service, Vancouver

Dharma Dog Services is a ThreeBestRated® dog grooming service in Vancouver that offers a full range of services to nurture and enhance your furry friend’s daily life. It provides a fun, clean, calm and stress-free environment.

Established in 2013, it offers comprehensive grooming services for all breeds, coat types and conditions, including nail trimming, pad treatments, tooth brushing and scraping, and more. They also offer full brushings and nail clippings at reduced prices for their regulars.

They only use all-natural, hypoallergenic products that won’t harm your pet. Suitable for dogs and the environment, the products are free of parabens, sulfates, minerals and castor oils. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, dyes or artificial colors. Dharma Dog is proud to use only organic dog shampoo, made locally in Vancouver!

On the price

In winning the 5th consecutive ThreeBestRated® award for 2022 as one of Vancouver’s Top Pet Groomers, Dharma Dog Services says, “It’s great to win our 5th consecutive ThreeBestRated® award. With this award comes the responsibility to consistently provide best-in-class services, and we will strive to maintain this.

Dharma Dog is deeply dedicated to your dog’s happiness. From grooming services to dental care, they treat your perfect partner like they’re part of their family.

To learn more about Dharma Dog Services or to make an appointment, visit https://dharmadogservices.com/.

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