Don’t Breathe 3 Theories About What’s Next

Stephen Lang shocked crowds as the blind man in Fede Alvarez in 2016 don’t breathe. don’t breathe was a horror-infused thriller from the hand of Norman Nordstrom, a lean, mean, and ruthless killing machine. Neither remorse nor regret was part of his vocabulary, and Lang nailed the role. However, this came as little surprise to Alvarez.

And he proved that to be true. Stephen Lang didn’t just play a character. He turned into a Nordstrom character. And audiences have paid handsomely to see this caliber of talent on the big screen. Variety Noted don’t breathe the opening raised $26.1 million from a production price of $9.8 million.


The success of the first film followed by a sequel. Don’t breathe 2 hit theaters on August 13, 2021. However, given the rather conclusive nature of the initial film, some fans were curious as to what might happen in the sequel. In the end, while Nordstrom was essentially the same, his life kind of took a turn. In the first film, Norman, a Navy SEAL vet, lived a life of isolation after returning home an injured man.

However, the war isn’t the only thing that would take something away from Norm. He brandishes a scar on his heart, the result of an inexplicable tragedy. This is how he became an emotional mine. But, unfortunately for those who met him, the tragedy had dulled his vision and his sympathies but not his senses. He was the epitome of the book that couldn’t be judged by its cover.

Where no breathe 2 left

Don' Breathe 2 - Sony Pictures Release
Sony Pictures release

Don’t breathe 2 takes place several years after the conclusion of the first. However, in this movie, Nordstrom seems to be in a happier place. Why shouldn’t it be? He has made a family. And he fiercely protects his new charge. Viewers of the first film know that Lang lost her child to an accident. So, given these details, the existence of a child who called him dad was curious.

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But it doesn’t take long before everyone finds out who young Phoenix (Madelyn Grace) is. And it is this unveiled truth that triggers action. As the action progresses, one thing remains true; Norman is always vicious. He still possesses a deadly skill set allowing him to take on anyone in any situation, no matter the cause. But considering all factors, the slight change in character, purpose, and Lang’s ability to execute this makes the sequel as compelling as the first.

Anyone who has invested 98 minutes of their time understands that in all practicality, Don’t breathe 2 sealed the fate of Nordstrom. Thus, of equal surprise is the speech of a third film. One can imagine that the jaws parted when it was announced that Stephen Lang is preparing a sequel. And indeed, with such an announcement comes a new set of questions, the main one being where a third installment might take its fans.

Don’t Breathe Theory 3: A Backstory

Don't Breathe 2 is definitely coming, says Stephen Lang
Sony Pictures release

Viewers got a bit of backstory in Don’t breathe. Most have an idea of ​​how Norman lost his sight. We know how he lost his family. However, moviegoers didn’t get a full story. How did Norman turn into a super survivor with sadistic tendencies? What was Nordstrom like as a NavySEAL? Was he ruthless by nature or pushed there by circumstances? Another episode might just answer those questions.

It is possible that the third episode will pick up the story instead of moving forward. Lang’s loyal fans would love to see how he would pull off a younger Nordstrom. It could be quite intriguing. And that would fill in some holes.

Don’t Breathe Theory 3: Rocky Returns

don't breathe
Sony Pictures release

Rocky (Jane Levy) is the survivor of the first segment. Unfortunately, she took quite a few hits like Norm brutally showed her no mercy. In one particularly gruesome scene, she seems to mean nothing more to Norman than a meaty punching bag. You could say that Rocky survived by the skin of his teeth and with the help of his friend and some survival instincts. However, she is also a mother herself. Unfortunately, she and her crew have found the wrong house.

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But now Rocky knows something the world doesn’t: Lang’s secret. Not only was he holding captive the woman responsible for the death of his child, he was going to force her to carry his baby. So now she has to live with that and her friend’s death, so maybe the trauma is too big to ignore. Although she flew off into the sunset with her daughter, there might be more to review here. Rocky could very well come back to face old Norm.

Don’t Breathe Theory 3: Phoenix Needs Help From Her Dear Old Daddy

Don't Breathe 2 - Phoenix
Sony Pictures release

Phoenix made it clear that she had an affinity for the old man which, in some ways, held her captive. Given Phoenix’s family dynamic, some may view Norm’s caring for the young child as kindness. Buy, take away these dynamics, then exactly how loving and sane the old man’s demeanor. However, knowing that Tara has taken on the name Phoenix indicates that she has a special place in her heart for Norm. He became like a real father to her. Is it the Stockholm syndrome at stake? Well, the jury is still out on that one. But his willingness to go all the way to death’s door to protect her had caused many to gush, including the young Phoenix.

For now, all Phoenix knows is that those old ties are dissolved. She left behind what she thought was a dead Nordstrom. But Phoenix might find that Norman is still kicking in the future. And she could enlist him to join forces when she has to face bad guys.

While any of these may seem doable, it’s theoretical at best. And there’s no real way to determine what a third segment would entail aside from breadcrumb clues that Lang or other members of the project might drop. So for the moment, a third component has only been sketched out. But if things fall together, it’ll be worth seeing how Lang could pull off another stellar performance from a story that many believe is already over.

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