Every Hisuian Form Pokemon Compared To The Originals

Regional variants breathed new life into Pokemon for the last matches. Pokemon Legends: Arceus continued this trend despite taking place in historic Sinnoh. This has some fans wondering what happened to these variants, especially for Pokemon that weren’t even present in brilliant diamond and Brilliant pearl.

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Some have both of their forms available in-game, while others slide completely into their new variants. They all get changes beyond their looks which get mixed reviews from fans. Anyway, these are interesting versions of some old favorites or upgrades to some unloved creatures.

12 Growlithe / Arcanine Gain Rock Typing

Comparison between Growlithe and Arcanine with their Hisuian variants

Growlithe and Arcanine have been the counterparts of Vulpix and Ninetails since the beginning. Once Alola rolled around and the Vulpix line got its special regional shapes, it was a bit odd that Growlithe was left behind. This was eventually fixed in Legends: Arceus with the iconic Tiger-Hound finally refreshed as a Hisuian variant.

The biggest difference between Hisuian forms and their originals is that they are no longer strictly Fire-type. That’s not where it ends, however. Hisuian forms have a larger stat spread where it matters, more resistances, and also more weaknesses, two of them being x4. They are also slightly larger on average than the Kantonian versions, although it is mostly flavor text.

11 Voltorb/Electrode Get some Goofier

Comparison of Voltorb electrodes with Hisuian forms

Voltorb used to be a rather unloved and fancy Pokémon type that lost a lot of its gimmicky potential once games went 3D and objects stopped being represented by a pokéball sprite. They’ve had a little more love with their Hisuian variant, as well as a nice little short on a Voltorb so excited about the berries he’s carrying a whole bunch of them.

Hisuian Voltorb and Electrode gain a Grass type and need a Leaf Stone to evolve, unlike just level evolution in previous incarnations. They get heavier, gain water and grass resistances while losing flying resistance, and gain additional weaknesses.

ten Typhlosion becomes ghost

Typhlosion vs. Hisuian

Typhlosion becomes a little calmer in Hisui as it gains ghost strike, ears relaxed, and smile instead of being a permanent ball of rage. It was also one of the first leaks for Legends: Arceus and fans divided accordingly.

It’s a bit smaller and lighter than the Johto Typhlosion, with slightly lower base stats where it matters, but overall the same total. However, he gains two immunities due to his Ghost typing and gains resistance to Poison. He gains weakness to Dark and Ghost types to tackle his old weaknesses as well.

9 Qwilfish gains an evolution

Qwilfish vs. Hisuian

Qwilfish hasn’t been a priority for most players, with mediocre stats and no scaling, so far. It even becomes important for catching the mythical Pokémon Manaphy, although the clue for it is hidden in brilliant diamond and shiny pearl in the Canalave Library.

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He gains the Overqwil evolution and uses the Strong Style feature of Arceus Legends to achieve this. He loses his Water type in Hisui and swaps it out for Dark, has some minor stat differences, gains immunity, and pretty much everything else does neutral damage. It’s definitely a nice upgrade for the little pufferfish, although it doesn’t change too much before it evolves.

8 Sneasel loses all his strike and gains a new evolution

Sneasel vs. Hisuian

Sneasel loses his Dark/Ice trickster persona to a Fighting/Poison set while gaining a new split evolution in the form of Sneasler. Hisuian Sneasel must evolve during the day after being exposed to a Razor Claw, while Johntonian Sneasel must be exposed overnight to evolve into Weavile.

He loses an immunity but gains quite a few resistances while dropping a handful of weaknesses. However, Psychic now deals 4x damage where he was previously immune, so you have to be careful when fighting him.

7 Samurot darkens

Samurott vs. Hisuian

Samurott doesn’t visually change too much in Hisui, but he gains dark typing when he was previously just water. He is significantly lighter in Hisui, which is reflected in his better Speed ​​stat. The rest of the stats vary from form to form, but the grand total is the same.

He gains immunity to Psychic and some resistances, but the most impressive change is his move pool. He accesses moves such as False Swipe, Psycho Cut, Hyper Beam, and Megahorn while tutoring with the Security Corps, which really gives him a fabulous edge.

6 Lilligant becomes a fighter

Liligant vs. Hisuian

Lilligant served as Whimsicott’s foil for a while, but without the incredible competitive potential of other Pokemon. He gains a fighting type in Hisui, while being overall larger in size and weight.

His speed and attack take major increases at the expense of special attack, which is good considering his new combat type. This addition also gives him more resistances, though it does drop Flying into x4 weakness territory.

5 Zorua/Zoroark Get a single entry

Comparison between Zorua and Zoruark to their Hisuian counterparts

The Zorua line has been a rather popular line since its inception. It was treated as an exclusive event, got its own movie, and all around was a fan favorite. This continued with his own collection of trailers showcasing his new and unique Normal/Ghost typing and a special mask just for the Hisuian Zoroark.

The stats have been tweaked a bit in Hisui, but it’s only weaker to one type and has three immunities. He also gains a nice signature move in Bitter Malice, which has a high chance of leaving the opponent with Frostbite, doubling if the target already has a status condition.

4 Braviary goes psychic

Braviary vs. Hisuian

Braviary had been pretty much ignored before this point, where now he’s going to get plenty of screen time. It becomes the player’s flying mount near the end of the main story, so a good deal of post-game and Dex filler will be spent looking at this bird’s back.

He is larger in size and weight than his original version, and he drops his Normal typing in favor of Psychic. This in turn gives him a special attack and much higher HP, at the expense of his other stats in order to keep their totals the same. He loses his Ghost immunity, adds Ghost and Dark to weaknesses, and adjusts his resistances from two to three.

3 Sliggoo/Goodra get steel shell

Comparison of Sliggoo and Goodra with their Hisuian forms

The Goomy line was something that really could have used some affection before, being the only pseudo-legendary with a single type before this point. Now this already tanky Pokemon gains a Steel-type, making it a force to be reckoned with even without being an Alpha.

He’s both heavier and bigger than his base version, gains a ton of resistances, poison immunity, and reduces his ground and combat-only weaknesses. Additionally, his defense stats skyrocket, but at the expense of many of his other stats. This, however, makes it a perfect punching bag for catching pesky Pokemon.

2 Avalugg takes on color

Avalugg vs. Hisuian

Avalugg really needed affection. He gains a Rock typing and manages to become faster and much smaller. This comes at the expense of his special stats, so he really needs to focus on physical moves.

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He gains a signature move, Mountain Gale, which is put to full use during the frantic battle with the Lord. He gains some resistances while gaining quite a few additional weaknesses, including an x4 in combat.

1 Decidueye gets fiercer

Decidueye vs. Hisuian

If there was any sort of backlash to the designs of the starting trio, Decidueye bore the brunt of it. It loses its archer gimmick and has the most drastic overhaul of the three entries, which made some fans take a bit longer to get to grips with it. Others, however, really benefited from having a hardy grass type on their team early on.

Hisuian Decidueye is slightly larger in height and weight than his Alola counterpart. He ditches his ghost type in favor of combat and tweaks his stats a bit to focus a bit more on offense. He loses his immunities but gains some resistances, but this also gives him more weaknesses. This includes an x4 to Flying, which feels a bit like a kick in the teeth considering he had to drop that guy to win Fighting in the first place.

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