Evonik Launches New Resomer PrintPowder Polymers for 3D Printing of Custom Implantable Medical Devices


Resome PrintPowder from Evonik is used for 3D printing of medical devices and implants. [Photo courtesy of Evonik]

Evonik has launched the second generation of Resomer PrintPowder polymers for 3D printing of custom implantable medical devices.

Evokik, based in Essen, Germany, said the powders have a wider range of customizable mechanical properties and degradation rates, allowing their use for more complex and custom medical devices including orthopedic, dental or tissue applications. soft.

“These new powders will allow manufacturers to create personalized devices with complex internal designs that match a patient’s anatomy – this will open up new treatment options for patients,” said Thomas Riermeier, line manager. Evonik’s Healthcare business, in a press release.

Evonik also offers full support for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) applications and printing service for new types of powder.

The new polymer printing powders are based on the free flowing first generation Resomer PrintPowder C 212 F. Launched in 2020, this powder is based on polycaprolactone and offers strict specifications and an optimized particle size distribution for SLS. The new polymer range adds polylactide or polydioxanone based polymers to the portfolio for SLS printing.


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