FitFighter is on the move with $2.5 million in new funding

NEW YORK, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FitFighter Inc. announced it raised $2.5 million in seed investment on June 6 to strengthen its sales force, expand gym programs and military training, advance product design and accelerate the production.

FitFighter Inc. has raised $2.5 million to bolster its sales force, expand gym programs and ramp up production.

The funding round was led by Jennus Innovation and anchored by Abraham Trust, adding a deep bench of partners to its initial investment from Daniel Lubetzky, representing Equilibra Ventures.

Following the company’s successful debut on ABC’s Shark Tank in November 2020, it quickly established its world-class force system with customers in the military and public safety markets, including the fire and police departments of Jacksonville FL to Houston TX to Fresno CA. It has attracted boutique and franchise gyms from CrossFits to yoga studios to F45 and big box chains including Anytime Fitness. FitFighter signed with retailers and distributors including Dicks Sporting Goods and Perform Better and featured a debut on QVC in May 2020.

“We were thrilled to lead the recent successful fundraising round for FitFighter,” remarked Chris Jenny, CEO of Jennus Innovation. “We spent several months working with Sarah and her team before the increase and the more we saw, the more we liked. We liked the space, the evolving business model and the natural flexibility of the product depending on the types of customers , age ranges and functions. More importantly, we found that trainers and gyms who were already using the FitFighter product were absolutely thrilled with it.”

Beyond its strong sales, FitFighter made immediate waves with its intention to redefine strength training as we know it, a sentiment echoed by Bodybuilding and fitness, men’s health, Oxygen, bike magazine, world of runnersand rolling stoneamong other critical acclaim.

Sarah Apgar, CEO of FitFighter, Iraq War veteran and certified trainer, outlined her vision: “Despite overwhelming evidence that strength training is the single most important activity for our long-term physical and mental health, 4 out of 5 people don’t strength train.. If you believe in the effectiveness of brushing your teeth, you should also lift weights.It’s that simple and it’s been thoroughly researched. Imagine if only 20% of our audience brushed their teeth daily.On a dark note, the effects of the pandemic and our healthcare cost crisis are compounded exponentially by our sheer lack of strength.We work with our partners and fitness industry leaders to lower the barriers to entry, move that needle, and change that statistic.

Jarod Cogswell, new Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FitFighter, shared that “FitFighter’s mission is to be a genuine partner for all industries by not only providing a single, accessible product that serves ALL levels and disciplines of fitness, but also a fact for your scalable system to positively impact the world of strength training Our team is focused on supporting fitness professionals and their clients, military, first responders and athletes to develop their abilities to move hard and be a valuable tool in bridging fitness communities.”

Alarming trends in poor strength and health also affect the public sector, where FitFighter’s roots lie, and where two-thirds of first responders are overweight or obese and where more than half of injuries sustained in the performance of their duties are avoidable. The US Army recently implemented a new Army Combat Fitness Test and is now looking to effectively train soldiers to maintain its standards. FitFighter has developed a 30-Move Steelhose Load Training Program to meet this need with effective and economical solutions.

Likewise, the military struggles to maintain the standardized mission readiness of its recruits, from enlistment to basic training, which can last 6 to 9 months. Together with veteran-owned partner Strong Brands, FitFighter is designing a 90-day, multi-state, mission-ready recruiting program that will ultimately impact more than 50,000 incoming soldiers per year into Active Duty and the National Guard . The company’s core competence in product design and development powers customized and adaptable mobile solutions and concepts that address fitness, performance mindset and personal leadership, the three pillars which she defines as a holistic force.

Jacob Garlick, Managing Partner of Abraham Trust, the round’s largest investor, said of her engagement, “Sarah’s vision to put strength back in the spotlight as a primary focus during training, and delivering that strength by reinventing free weight is truly remarkable. We think FitFighter is going to change the way the world thinks about exercise, from something that requires you to go somewhere to do it, to something you take with you wherever you go Truly the next evolution in fitness.

FitFighter will be in full swing at the IHRSA 2022 Industry Trade Show in Miami, Florida, June 22-24, for its next major industry appearance, which will include both a live presence and a virtual booth. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the company in action in South Florida!

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