Former dental assistant shifts focus from teeth to eyebrows


By Daniel Warn / [email protected]

Missy Deleon, owner of Missy’s Brow Boutique, launched her semi-permanent cosmetics business on August 7, after quitting a career as a dental assistant.

Deleon completed his microblading training at Arch Brow Studio in Lacey in July, then rented an office at 301 E. Yelm Ave. She spent about a month preparing for the opening.

“I was a dental assistant for 11 years,” she said. “I have two young children… and I just wanted to be more at home with them, not to be stuck on a rigid schedule where a boss and other coworkers relied on me being there if they were sick or needed me. . I wanted to be free to make my own schedule.

Deleon said the career change matched some of his interests.

“I’ve always loved makeup and beauty, so I decided to go this route,” she said.

And business is increasing.

“Business was a little slow at first, but I just tried to put everything on Facebook, Instagram, and I had a booth at the fall festival last weekend,” Deleon said on Oct. 1. “I’m just trying to do everything I can to market myself without bringing in a marketer.”

She said people were receptive to her flat rate of $ 250, a low price since building her client list. Deleon said the price covers microblading, powdered eyebrows, or a combination of the two and includes a touch-up service.

The microblading features the hair-like features of a semi-permanent tattoo sort of way across the eyebrows, while the powder eyebrows are more of a makeup-filled look, Deleon said.

Deleon’s pricing and free touch-ups, which occur after one or two years after the original service depending on when the microblading wears off, will continue at least until the new year, she said. declared.

She is also in the process of creating a referral program for the company, she said. One option that Deleon is considering is a discount on future touch-ups for those who refer other people to the company.

The office is clean and sparsely decorated with items, but is dominated by a floral wallpaper pattern on one of the walls.

“I’m really girly,” Deleon said. “I like things to be clean, not bombarded (with objects) everywhere.”

She said the pink floral pattern on the wallpaper isn’t necessarily something she’ll put in her home, but it looks like a perfect fit for the office.

The procedure is done while the client is awake, but Deleon uses a numbing agent, which she reapplies throughout each appointment.

“I try to keep them as comfortable as possible,” she said.

Currently, the company offers 10 different colors to choose from, and Deleon said it helps consult with customers on the color that would best suit their skin tone.

“I’ve always loved makeup, and I would sit and watch YouTube beauty videos for hours and hours,” Deleon said. “This goes hand in hand with the reason I chose dentistry. Much of it is cosmetic, to help people feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally. The same goes with makeup. If someone really has thinning eyebrows and is aware of it, I can help them feel a little better.

Deleon does not take walk-in clients. To make an appointment, go online at

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