Free dental care wins a vote – Grant will give homeowners a reason to smile, but poor people with bleeding gums can rot?

Grant’s default stance of caution ruled out free dental care in the public health care system.

This is a tragic mistake politically and morally.

Sure, the billion-dollar price tag for bringing dental care into public health care is steep, but dental care should never have been excluded from public health coverage in the first place.

For every dollar spent on free dental care, you save $1.60.

This will actually save the government money in the long run!

It would also bring hundreds of thousands of toothache sufferers to the polls, no matter how pissed they are at Jacinda and Covid.

Integrating dental care into the free public health care system makes economic, political sense, and more importantly, it is immoral to spend $1 billion a year on government consultants and not spend an equal amount on a medical necessity. public health like dental care!

Grant could pump billions into banks and real estate speculators, but can’t do anything about the bleeding gums of our inequality?

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Instead of saying no, Grant should enthusiastically say yes and explain to voters that a vote for Labor is a vote for immediate free dental care WHILE imposing a sugar tax on soft drinks to provide direct funding .

Shrugging and saying there are other health priorities is no solution, it’s more a show of Labour’s political prudence than political leadership.

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