GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder constantly vilified by the press ahead of California recall election


Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder could make history as California’s first black governor if he topples Gov. Gavin Newsom in Tuesday’s recall election – but the liberal media did a disservice to the conservative radio host.

Elder has been constantly vilified by the press since becoming the frontrunner among the 46 candidates seeking to replace Newsom. The GOP hope has been called the “black face of white supremacy” a “very real threat to communities of color” and even a “model minority”.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell called Elder’s coverage “shameful” and Deroy Murdock, Fox News contributor to Fox News, was particularly angered that a racist attack on Elder had largely not been reported by major liberal press organizations.


Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder speaks to supporters during a campaign stop outside the Hall of Justice in downtown Los Angeles. (AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes)

“It’s no longer a surprise, but pathetic nonetheless: A white left-wing woman dressed as a monkey throws an egg at a black Republican candidate, barely missing him. The media is humming loud enough to shake the leaves from the trees,” said Murdock.

“Imagine the other way around: a white right-wing man wearing a gorilla mask throws an egg at Kamala Harris. The dinosaurs’ media response would be universal: outrage, condemnation, twisting of hands, gnashing of teeth, mouth foam,” continued Murdoch. “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Here are some notable moments from Elder’s media coverage:

LA Times column calls Elder “the black face of white supremacy”

The Los Angeles Times published an article last month, titled “Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned,” which accused the Republican of using “overly simplistic arguments that whitewash the complex issues of being black in America.” .

LA Times columnist Erika D. Smith said Elder uses “provocative, toddler-like slurs of his ideological enemies” before demeaning the gubernatorial candidate with his own slurs.

However, Elder was not surprised by the column.

“I expected this to happen. That’s why a lot of people don’t go into politics because of the politics of personal destruction,” Elder said on Fox News’s “Hannity”.

“This isn’t the first time the LA Times has attacked me, there’s another writer who almost called me Black David Duke,” Elder continued. “They are scared to death.”


LA Times columnist said Larry Elder is “a very real threat to communities of color”

Columnist Jean Guerrero said on Sunday that Elder poses a “very real threat to communities of color.”

Left-wing CNN host Brian Stelter enlisted Guerrero to discuss whether Elder was acting on a “Trump playbook” in the state to avoid the often negative media coverage of him. Guerrero agreed, saying Elder only appeared and spoke with experts in the right-wing media.

“He has refused to speak to non-partisan media and journalists who criticize him, refused to answer tough questions, often uses the few interviews he gives as an opportunity to give a performance on social media, denouncing these journalists, playing the victim, “Guerrero said.

“He has been successful in reaching the minority of California voters who embrace his white supremacist worldview,” Guerrero continued. “He co-opted this line by my fellow headline columnist calling it” the black face of white supremacy “but he refuses to engage with the very substance of our reporting.”

Guerrero added that Elder “poses a very real threat to communities of color.”

A former forcefully denies having brandished a weapon at an ex-fiancée: “POLICY OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION”

On Monday, Elder was interviewed by MSNBC.

Elder has denied Politico’s report that he wielded a gun at ex-fiancé

Elder has forcefully denied an August claim published by Politico from his former fiancee that he wielded a gun during an argument between the two in 2015. Alexandra Datig told Politico that she had broken off their engagement 18 months in 2015 after Elder held up a gun at him during an argument.

“I never wielded a gun against anyone. I grew up in South Central; I know exactly how destructive this type of behavior is. It’s not me, and anyone who knows me. know it’s not me. These are dirty allegations, “Elder said tweet. following the report.

Weeks later, Politico called Elder a “poster child for all Trump” in his nightly news bulletin.

Liberal media largely ignored egg attack

Elder had an egg thrown by someone wearing a gorilla mask while walking in Los Angeles last week, but the liberal media didn’t seem particularly interested.

MSNBC didn’t mention the egg incident the day it happened, but found the time to claim Elder is pushing white supremacy. ABC’s “World News Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News” and CBS’s “Evening News” haven’t found time for the story.

Many critics have pointed out that a similar attack on a black Democrat would likely result in full coverage by mainstream media.


LA Times downplayed racist attack with misleading tweets

Last week, the LA Times came under fire for a pair of deceptive tweets after Elder was egg thrown by someone wearing a gorilla mask while walking in Los Angeles.

First, the Liberal newspaper tweeted: “Larry Elder interrupts Venice homeless camp tour after hostile reception,” not to mention that the black Republican was attacked by a white man wearing a gorilla mask. The, the the paper was aware that the monkey characterizations “have been used as a racist trope for centuries” as it was mentioned in the accompanying report, but the headline and tweet simply attributed the incident to a “hostile reception.”

The LA Times then published another shocking tweet reporting that the Los Angeles Police Department is now investigating the attack on Elder.

“LAPD is investigating an altercation involving Larry Elder at the Venice homeless camp,” the Times tweeted alongside a photo of Elder touching the face of a female supporter. The image suggested that the “altercation involving” Elder had involved him slapping a woman in the face, but the GOP candidate for governor was in fact the victim.

The Times changed the picture after a major backlash.

The Los Angeles Times has been criticized for two misleading tweets about the Republican candidate for governor of California, Larry Elder.

The Los Angeles Times has been criticized for two misleading tweets about the Republican candidate for governor of California, Larry Elder.


LA Times column calls elder “model minority” who says what whites “like to hear about blacks”

Elder was again subjected to a racist attack in the media on Monday, when a columnist called him a “model minority” who says “the things whites like to hear about blacks.”

Elder was mentored by Los Angeles Times columnist Frank Shyong as a symbolic African-American who flatters the racial anxieties of white Republicans.

“The term ‘model minority’ has a specific history in the Asian American community, but I can’t think of a better embodiment of its concepts than Larry Elder, the black Republican gubernatorial candidate who made a career in saying the things white people love to hear from black people, ”Shyong wrote.

Due to Elder’s opposition to Black Lives Matter and rejection of the notion of “systemic racism,” Shyong argued that his candidacy comforted the “more racist” wings of the GOP.

“And I don’t think Elder’s sudden importance was an accident,” he wrote. “The nomination of a ‘model minority’ candidate will likely become a common electoral strategy for the largely white Republican Party as it attempts to maintain control of a rapidly diversifying nation. Model minority candidates can help assert far-right perspectives on racism while offering a defense against the charge that the Republican Party is too white. “

The term “model minority,” Shyong wrote, originates from whites in the 1960s downplaying racism against African Americans by emphasizing the financial success of Japanese and Chinese Americans. Elder was a perfect “model minority” because he downplays white supremacy, touts his own success as proof against racism, and embraces the “bootstraps” narrative that anyone can be successful in the United States, Shyong said. .

Elder accused critics of distorting the column he wrote more than 20 years ago

Elder slammed Democrats for “slandering” him for characterizing a 2020 editorial he wrote for Capitalism magazine, titled “Democrats and the ‘SHE’ vote, as sexist.

The editorial focused on women’s voting issues such as social security, healthcare, and education in the 1990s, and cited a study by researchers from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

In the editorial, Elder wrote: “But there is a problem. Women know less than men about politics, economics and current affairs. Good news for Democrats, bad news for Republicans. The less we know, the easier the handling. “

He went on to explain in the article that researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center “asked 25 questions about the candidates and specific issues during the recent primary season” and found that “men knew more than women. in 15 categories “.

The article also quoted Penn researcher Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who said: “The disturbing discovery that women do not fare as well as men in political literacy still linger in the year 2000.”

Elder was asked about this by a An eyewitness reporter who asked him if he believed that men are smarter than women.


” That’s what I said ? Are men smarter than women? Elder replied to the reporter.

“You cited a study by the Annenberg School, which isn’t exactly a right-wing organization, which looked at 25 issues that turned out to be better-informed men on 15 of these issues,” Elder continued in his remarks to the reporter.

“California. Democrats are desperate and slander me, distorting what I wrote in a column 21 years ago. Here’s what I wrote, decide for yourself,” Elder tweeted last month with a link to editorial.

Fox News’ David Rutz, Lindsay Kornick, Emma Colton, Joseph A. Wulfsohn and Jessica Chasmar contributed to this report.

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