Gum helps Waterloo turn the tide with victory over Triad | Girls basketball

Waterloo turned heads with a one-sided triumph over conference rival Triad, who had won 15 of the previous 16 games between the teams.

The Knights (1-1) had won the last six games with Waterloo, including five double-digit wins.

Gum put in a stat-jamming performance with 14 career-tying rebounds and seven career-best interceptions. She scored 17 of her team’s first 23 points as she helped the Bulldogs take a 24-14 lead on the break.

Lindhorst took over in the third quarter with a pair of 3s in the opening 124 seconds to essentially put the contest on the sidelines.

“It’s fun going into the gym now and knowing that there is going to be some competition and that we have a good chance of coming out on top,” said Lindhorst.

The players are sending a good majority of the credit for the resurgence to Schneider, who restored confidence to a crew in need of a boost.

“We’ve all signed up with (Coach) Schneider and he’s so detailed with the game plan,” Lindhorst said. “His work gives us the opportunity to win.”

Schneider believes the group just needed to shake off their loser mentality.

“These girls worked hard for a while,” Schneider said. “They’ve been beaten in the past and they’ve learned how to deal with it.

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