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Gum Tree Pies in Wodonga was broken into again just over two weeks after its front door was smashed by a burglar. This time, a larger window appears to have been chiseled out to access what one could hardly call a huge payday – a jar of cookies. Gum Tree Pies chief executive Codey Keeble said several lockdowns and the two break-ins left the company in dire straits. IN OTHER NEWS: “Last time I said if people were so desperate we could give them a job,” Keeble said. “But if these blockages keep happening, I don’t think we can.” For both times, what they stole is a paltry sum. “It’s just blow after blow, I don’t know how much longer we can take. Something has to give and whether we have to lay off staff or not, which I really don’t want to do because I’m trying. to support my staff here as much as possible.If you had half a brain, you would break into somewhere where the money is actually flowing, but the money is not flowing so there is nothing to steal. “Doing this on cookies is just frustrating.” Mr. Keeble said he estimated the window would cost at least $ 3,000 to replace and that the previous burglary had caused about $ 10,000 in damage. Mr. Keeble said said that since we are confined, replacing broken windows and doors was no easy task. “This store looks horrible right now,” he said. “The latest lockdown. , they couldn’t take out a glazier because they weren’t allowed to work, so the d them weeks between lockdown, we had to try to get one out. Then we had to try and find the right kind of glass and we couldn’t handle that in the two weeks after the lockdown and now it’s happened. “I said last time if we ran our business normally and got people through the door, everything would be fine.” But we barely have any money coming in, we can barely pay the staff. and keep the electricity. “Despite the successive hits of COVID restrictions and break-ins, Mr. Keeble remains empathetic.” I’m divided, yes everyone is fighting and maybe people think that’s all it takes ‘they can do, they don’t have a job or any way out of it, “he said.” But targeting a small business doesn’t really seem fair at all. If people are really having a hard time, in our four stores we have a prepayment wall, people maybe put $ 20 or $ 50 on the wall and someone can come in and take that off the wall. “We’re not going to ask any questions, you can just go in and pick it up. Dinner for the week.”


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