Hamilton Mountain Hygienist Seeking Volunteers for Oral Health Study

Julie DiNardo hopes her study will result in more smiling faces.

The Mountain Hygienist is looking for volunteers to participate in a study aimed at improving oral health.

“We work with a product called Prevora, which is a high-strength antiseptic coating,” DiNardo said between patients at the Gleam Smile Center on Upper James Street. “It reduces the amount of infection inside the mouth, it reduces the risk of cavities and it also eliminates gum disease.”

DiNardo said she is looking for a dozen adults with gum disease (bleeding gums) to participate in a study to determine if a slight change in the way the liner is applied will continue to yield positive results.

Currently, the treatment process involves the hygienist polishing the teeth, then applying a 10% chlorhexidine solution, which is dried using pressurized air.

A putty is painted on top.

DiNardo said he wants to see if letting the chlorhexidine air dry rather than using pressurized air will change the effect of the treatment.

“We just want to change up our processing a bit,” said DiNardo who noted that air drying takes about 30 seconds.

The trial process includes dry brushing the teeth instead of polishing at the beginning.

If the system continues to operate with air drying, DiNardo said it would be much easier for hygienists to treat people who are in hospital, long-term care homes or confined. at home, because they won’t have to lug around an air compressor and the air-water syringe that goes with it.

DiNardo said study participants will be treated for free, noting that the value of the procedure is about $350.

The process takes about 20 minutes and participants must make three visits to the center, one or two weeks apart.

DiNardo said the first and second visits will see the patient assessed and the coating applied along with the drying change.

The third visit is an assessment only.

DiNardo said anyone interested in participating in the study should call her clinic at 905-389-4944 or email her at [email protected]

Oral care is important to our overall health and well-being, according to Hamilton geriatrician Dr. Richard Sztramko.

“My older patients often neglect their teeth and gums because they have to focus on so many other medical appointments or they avoid the dentist (and) poor dental care leads to gum inflammation, tooth decay and pain. and chronic discomforts,” he said. . “General oral inflammation is a risk factor for so many health conditions, so it’s important to address it. Prevora provides a clinically proven way to reduce oral inflammation and the risk of cavities. It is a non-invasive treatment that is easy to administer, not associated with the fear of regular dental visits and lasts for months. It’s not a substitute for regular dental care, but for people who never go to the dentist (because they’re afraid or can’t) it can be a godsend.

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