IADSR offers a hands-on workshop on TMJ disorders and splints



LAHORE: The Institute for Advanced Dental Science and Research (IADSR) recently hosted a one-day workshop on “Tempromandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) and Splints”.

Dr Waleed Toosy, Assistant Professor, Prosthodontics, Avicenna Dental College, expedited the workshop. He started the session with a refresher lecture on the anatomy and physiology of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with particular emphasis on its muscle and ligament attachments. He discussed several mechanisms like mouth opening, freeway space, overjet and overbite in association with ATM.

In addition, he has developed a detailed method of taking an anamnesis and assessment of patients with TMD. Participants then take a history and physical exams on each other. In addition, he elucidated the classification of TDG as well as the radiographic and clinical methods used for their diagnosis and treatment planning.

To make the session more interactive, Dr. Toosy, after giving a full lecture on the usefulness of splint therapy with TMDs, demonstrated and equipped participants to fabricate anterior and posterior splints on jointed casts with modeling wax. After practice, he explained several areas related to splint loosening and stabilization and type testing.

In the second half of the course, Dr. Toosy developed various methods of managing pain caused by TMDs, including a range of approaches ranging from patient education to use of the occlusal appliance and exercises to medications.

He concluded the session with a short quiz including cases for which participants made diagnoses and treatment plans. The session ended with the adequate achievement of the learning objectives.


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