Is Donald Trump already a presidential candidate in 2024?


Losers usually don’t get a second chance in modern US presidential politics. In the days of nominating conventions and party leaders, an Adlai Stevenson or a Thomas Dewey could win two consecutive nominations. Richard Nixon actually won the presidency in 1968 after losing in 1960. But since the arrival of the primary competitions, it’s either win or retire. Even Al Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000, was kicked out in 2004.

Donald Trump, who upset so many presidential precedents, now looks likely to upset one more. Trump must be seen as the overwhelming favorite for the 2024 Republican nomination. He’s already running strong, and he’s already dominating the pitch. Fox News’ intense promotion of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as an alternative to Trump does not work any better in 2024 than his similar effort on behalf of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in 2016. Trump dominates in the polls. He has the lead in fundraising. The raffle races ignite loyalty to Trump. Potential rivals wish they won’t run for president if Trump does.

It’s an amazing sight, because Donald Trump was no ordinary political loser. He was a big political loser. He lost the popular vote in two consecutive presidential elections, the second time by a margin of 8 million votes. He led his party to a brutal mid-term defeat in 2018 amid the strongest economy since the late 1990s. He was the first president to be impeached twice, the second time around for inciting a mob to invade and attack Congress to overturn the result of a national election. He now faces more criminal and civil risks than Richard Nixon before his presidential pardon in 1974.

Trump is campaigning on two themes: nostalgia for the strong pre-pandemic economy, plus resentment over the outcome of the 2020 vote. It’s not much, but it’s enough – enough to force DeSantis , Trump’s potential replacement, to desperate stunts to prove he’s more Trump than Trump: distribute $ 5,000 in rewards cops who refuse vaccination; identifying himself with a general surgeon in the state who advises on anti-vaccine trust their “hunches”.

But no one is more Trump than Trump. There is no Trumpism greater than Trump. “This is a movement, not a man” is a venerable cliché applied to populist politics. In this case, however, it is a man, not a movement. In 2016, Trump endorsed allowing transgender people to “”use the bathroom they deem appropriate. “In 2017, he made a huge tax cut for the rich. On the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump was negotiating a free trade deal with China. They are all supposed non-non-populists. Trump supporters They didn’t care. If Trump does, that’s fine. They don’t care much about the content of his politics. They care about his mood.

Anyone who follows politics, even casually, can see Trump’s return emerging. Well-sourced journalists detail carefully the mechanics of the return. But hardly anyone is prepared for the malicious destructiveness of what is to come.

In a 2011 speech, Donald Trump explained his only supreme rule in life: “Take revenge on people. If they fuck you, screw them 10 times harder. I really believe it. He repeated the same idea over and over in speeches, tweets and books published under his signature. In 2024, the targets for Trump’s revenge are US law and US democracy. At a rally on September 25 in Perry, Ga., Trump flayed Republican state officials who failed to overturn state elections for him. In Iowa two weeks later, Trump delivered more attacks on the 2020 electoral process, this time focusing on Republicans in the state who failed to steal Arizona for him.

In 2016 and throughout the early part of Trump’s presidency, there was often an edge of Brothers Club comedy at Trump’s rally performances: not very likeable comedy, a bit old-fashioned in tone and sensibility, but comedy all the same. Not in 2021. Now everything is dark and bitter.

here is video from a Georgian TV station of the entire Trump’s Perry rally. Trump’s own speech begins at 1:37:38. Watch as much as you can and tell me if you detect even a moment humor, Friars Club or other. The most-cited part – Trump’s near-endorsement of Democrat Stacey Abrams as Georgia’s better governor than Republican Brian Kemp – is no joke. It is a deliberate challenge, with the lower jaw protruding from the upper teeth, eyes slit in anger.

He’s the guy who wants to come back as the 47th president.

During Trump’s first term, the country was protected to some extent by his ignorance and incompetence. He kept trying to do bad things, but it took him a while to figure out how the controls worked, where the switches were. By the time of his attempt to extort the Ukrainian president in 2019, Trump had achieved a higher degree of mastery. But by then it was too late. Then the pandemic struck and Trump hit another wall of failure. In a second Trump presidency, however, burglars will already arrive knowing how to bypass alarms and disable locks. He will understand that it is not enough to install an ally as Attorney General, he must also control the secondary and tertiary ranks of the Ministry of Justice. He won’t be persuaded by another Chief of Staff with an independent sense of duty, like John Kelly, who spared a lot of damage from mid-2017 to early 2019. They’ll be Mark types. Meadows from daylight. one last day. And he will bring with them a new generation of Republican officials whose top priority will be to overhaul the electoral laws of their states so that Republicans do not lose power even if they lose the vote.

This is the future that Trump is preparing.

Be ready.

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