Is LyvWel Caffeinated Gum better than conventional pre-workouts like Celsius?

Many people rely on a cup of coffee to help them function throughout the day.

Many people rely on a cup of coffee to help them function throughout the day. After all, it provides an instant energy boost that can make you feel awake, energized, and alive, so you can be productive. But it’s also no secret that drinking too much coffee for a prolonged period will also have serious health consequences.

Fortunately, there is now a much better alternative to traditional coffee, especially if you are training to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, i.e. the LyvWel caffeinated energy gum. Here’s why it’s so much better than your typical pre-workout:

It helps increase your energy

So many studies have been done on the benefits of caffeine when working out. Some say it helps improve memory and alertness while others claim it increases endurance during high intensity activities.

But since consuming a large amount of caffeine can have negative effects on the body, in the long run, choosing the caffeinated alternative gum gives you the right dose of caffeine to enjoy all these benefits without the side effects.

For example, one study found that chewing caffeinated gum before a workout helped reduce fatigue in athletes doing high-intensity cycling bouts while those who took caffeine-free placebo gum saw their performance decrease.

It has faster effects than a pre-workout

If you think about it, drinking, having a pre-workout powder like Celsius or an energy drink doesn’t really give you the instant boost you need because the caffeine has to go through your digestive system before your bloodstream.

But when you chew a piece of caffeinated gum, the caffeine is absorbed under your tongue or through your gums where it goes straight into your bloodstream, hence the instant high. So, if you chew caffeinated gum before working out, you can expect a performance boost once you hit the gym.

It is more convenient to use

Let’s face it; Bringing a hot cup of coffee can be quite complicated. But LyvWel Caffeinated Gum can be neatly stored in your pocket where you can access it whenever you need that caffeine fix.

It is also a much healthier alternative to coffee as one gummy contains less than 5 calories as opposed to a 100mg cup of coffee which contains over 80 calories.

So if you normally drink two cups of coffee a day, you can cut at least 490 calories a week by switching to LyvWel caffeinated gum.

Finally, LyvWel caffeinated gum is also an economical option to traditional coffee as a packet of gum with 8 pieces of 100mg gummies is only $5 while its equivalent of 8 cups of coffee would cost you at least $32.

So if you’re trying to cut calories and coffee expenditure, caffeinated energy gum is a smart solution and healthy alternative to your daily cups of coffee or energy drink as a pre-workout.

Who is behind the project? Gregory Grishayev is an entrepreneur who debuted in 2010. He left the category in early 2020 after 10 years and developed LyvWel. He believes his all-natural, caffeinated gum is the most effective way to get energy without the calories, and we have to agree.

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