Is the Facetune app worth the money?

If you don’t have editing experience, don’t worry. Facetune is intuitive, making photo fixes simple, no matter your experience. For a monthly fee of $4.99 (or $59.99 per year), you’ll get access to a variety of features, including skin editing, virtual makeup, teeth whitening, and even hair reshaping. (through the App Store). Users can replace or fade unwanted backgrounds – the days of photo bombs are over. According to Vox, there’s even a tool to make earrings shinier. The app gives intuitive, step-by-step instructions on how to use each tool, according to The New York Times.

In 2015, Wired listed Facetune in a list of “Best Photography Apps”, noting its ability to boost a selfie far beyond the limits of a standard filter. In 2016, Facetune 2 hit the market, revamping and eventually replacing the original version, with Facetune. Now, although it is possible to download the app for free, users are immediately encouraged to try Facetune’s free trial to unlock the VIP experience. If you like everything it has to offer, or forget to cancel your subscription, you’ll be billed monthly for $4.99 for “unlimited access,” as listed on the App Store. Those hoping to pay a one-time fee can purchase the app for $199.99.

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