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Surgery for the ideal smile – Gingivectomy surgery… What is the gingivectomy that we have been talking about dentists in recent years? How is a gingivectomy performed? Let’s take a closer look …

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Gingivectomy, which is used in the treatment of gum disease, is the surgical removal of gum tissue. For gums that are diseased or require treatment for cosmetic reasons, the gum tissue is cleaned by gingivectomy and the filling tooth or crown is placed over the gum line. Aesthetic issues due to factors such as over-functioning smile muscles, longer than normal upper jaw anatomy, short teeth, and the effect of nose structure on upper lip shape are thus eliminated.

Gingivectomy surgery also eliminates gum problems caused by foods that cannot be cleaned with brushing and that remain between the gums. Thanks to the gingivectomy, besides the excessive appearance of the gums, dental health problems are also eliminated. How is gingivectomy surgery performed, what is gingivectomy, in the rest of our article …

How is a gingivectomy performed?

After answering your question, what is gingivectomy, let’s see how gingivectomy is done … For those who say how gingivectomy is done before treatment, dentists will point out that the application is painless and painless. Some patients worry that they will not like their teeth after a gingivectomy. Before gingivectomy, scaling and straightening of the root surface may be necessary to remove tartar from the gums. Then the procedure will be started with local anesthesia.

During gingivectomy, the gums are shaped with special surgical tools or devices such as cautery and laser. The gingivectomy can take from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the number of teeth to be treated. After the gingivectomy, a protective dressing is placed over the gums and this dressing remains on the gums for 10 days. This applied dressing is not harmful for eating and drinking. After 10 days, the treatment of the patient going to the check-up is finished. In 3-4 weeks, the gums return to their normal appearance, but it will take 2-3 months for the tissue to heal completely.

You will have a healthy and aesthetic smile.

Gingivectomy is an application without any harm. The application, which allows the patient to achieve an ideal smile, eliminates aesthetic problems. Thanks to the benefits of gingivectomy, the patient’s social relationships are strengthened.

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