Kehlani said they got cheap composite veneers and regrets them. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.


(Left to right) Kehlani shows a photo of poorly made composite veneers and compares them to current professionally made veneers. @ Kehlani / TikTok

  • Kehlani said they regret getting the cheap composite resin veneers they’ve had for three years.

  • The singer said the veneers made them unable to floss and made their teeth look too white and square.

  • “If you travel to get them, you will have to travel a lot to get them fixed,” they warned.

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Kehlani warned his 2.2 million TikTok followers to “stop traveling and have bad resin veneers” on June 28.

The singer said that getting cheap resin veneers left them with teeth that were too white, too square and required expensive dental care to repair.

“It’s cheap and quick, but the amount of long, expensive dental work you’ll need after taking this route is five or six times that,” Kehlani said in a TikTok video.

According to Kehlani, that excludes the extra travel costs you’ll pay if you went overseas to do your veneers for less, which is another common trend among social media micro-influencers.

“If you travel to get them, you will have to travel a lot to get them fixed,” the singer added.

They said the veneers were a “pain” for three years before she could get them professionally redone.

Composite veneers cause less damage to your teeth than crowns, but can still be dangerous when done incorrectly

People shave their teeth for crowns

Influencers flying overseas to get crowns, which will likely kill their teeth at 40. @ drshaadimanoucheri / TikTok

The composite veneers previously reported by Insider are designed to be a minimally invasive way to improve discoloration, blemishes and decay on the tooth. Most only need half a millimeter of the tooth to be shaved before they can attach a resin or porcelain cap.

Many influencers have traveled overseas to get cheap full crowns, believing they are veneers, which can kill a healthy tooth quickly.

While they don’t grind down your teeth as much as poorly made crowns, inexpensive resin composite veneers can still damage your smile and the health of your gums over time.

Kehlani said they couldn’t access their gums to floss or clean them properly while wearing veneers, which negatively impacted their overall health.

“It’s your mouth, and when you have problems in your mouth, it can lead to disease in the body,” Kehlani said.

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