Landlady is ‘gutted’ as plans are offered to tear down the village’s only pub

The former Nottinghamshire pub owner is fighting to save the venue after developers plan to tear it down and build new homes. Sue Maxwell, who runs The Gardeners Inn, in Cossall, near Ilkeston, said the permanent loss of the recently closed pub would be ‘horrendous’ for the community.

Ms Maxwell, who has run The Gardeners Inn since 2015, found the pub was sold to two new owners in July 2021 and they intended to develop the site. After its lease expired in February this year, the pub was fenced and boarded up.

Plans have now been submitted to Broxtowe City Council which would see the pub demolished to be replaced by five detached houses. A request to build three houses on the site had already been approved in 2019.

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Mrs Maxwell said: “It’s the only pub in Cossall and now it’s gone. It’s really a horrible thing to happen to the community. We closed on February 1, people are still campaigning but they’ve put up fencing around and barricaded it.

“The plans have been put in place now and we are stuck in the middle. It’s just the fact that developers can come in and take it away from the community, it wasn’t closed in the first place, it wasn’t an eyesore, it was a viable business.

“We were told we would be able to buy the pub back, so we managed to fundraise. But now the plan seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Licensee Sue Maxwell pictured outside the Gardeners Inn, in Awsworth Lane, Cossall.

Ms Maxwell said she was now considering her next step to oppose the plans. “It’s not good at all at the moment. Regulars have also been worried about that – we have a campaign group and we’re all disgusted the plans are now in place,” added the former pub boss , 50 years old. .

“We have put out a questionnaire to find out if the community wants to own it as a community and it continues to grow daily, and I expect to meet Councilor John McGrath (Broxtowe Labor Councilor) as he gathers These responses for Us. It’s not good at all at the moment. Regulars have also expressed concern about this – we have a campaign group and we’re all disgusted that the plans are now in place.

“I will try to present at the next full council meeting in Broxtowe [Borough Council] to appeal by losing the approval of the village. And that it was protected as an asset of community value for five years and then last year when it was reapplied it was denied.”

In a planning document, Swish Architecture, on behalf of applicant Matt Eley, said: “This Design and Access Statement has demonstrated that the proposed development is in accordance with national and local planning policy.

“The proposal builds on an approved development for the creation of five houses on the site, which have been shown to be satisfactorily accommodated on the site with adequate off-street parking, and without detriment to residential amenities or to the character of the area.”

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