Lawsuit filed against the Surfside Condominium Association by a resident who survived the collapse



SURFSIDE, Florida – A lawsuit was filed this weekend by a resident who survived a partial building collapse Thursday at Champlain Towers South in Surfside.

The lawsuit was filed on Saturday on behalf of Steve Rosenthal, who lived in Unit 705. This is the second known lawsuit to be filed after the collapse.

According to the complaint, the association knew or should have known that “the whole structure was deteriorating and was becoming susceptible to catastrophic losses by collapse”.

Rosenthal seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

“The Champlain Towers South tragedy should not be repeated,” Rosenthal attorney Bob McKee said in a statement to ABC News. “This is not a lonely freak event.

“The conditions for its collapse exist in many of our high-rise concrete buildings. A change to perform more frequent inspection, with imperious teeth, full and fast repair should be made. Otherwise, we will have other events like the horrific failure and collapse we all witnessed at the South Champlain Towers. The last thing we want to see is more damage, whether it’s slow damage to the health of water damaged buildings or instantaneous building failure. “

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The lawsuit states that the association had a duty to hire “contractors, inspectors, engineers and other appropriate persons and companies to carry out its maintenance and repair tasks if it was not performing the activities itself. even “.

Rosenthal’s trial comes days after a A $ 5 million class action lawsuit was filed in the name of another resident, Manuel Drezner and “on behalf of all other residents in the same situation”.

This complaint also alleges that the condominium association failed to “secure and protect the life and property” of those who live in the building.

Officials, on the other hand, have been careful to point the finger at anyone at this point, saying the main goal must be to rescue any survivors and recover the bodies from the rubble.

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They say a final decision on the cause of the collapse will take some time.

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