Letters to the Editor: June 27: “For me, it’s simple: those who are vaccinated can go everywhere and do things, and those who are not vaccinated cannot. Does Canada Need New Rules for Fully Immunized People? Plus other letters to the editor



People line up to get vaccinated against COVID-19 at a vaccination center in Montreal.

Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press

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Vexation vaccine

Re Canada Needs New Rules Now For Fully Immunized People (June 25): How would Justin Trudeau and his government even know when we hit the vaccination targets they set for the border opening? They did not even ask the hundreds of thousands of Canadians returning from the United States this spring, most of whom received both shots while they were away.

And what is the difference between a fully vaccinated American and a Canadian? Just as our trips there make money for the American economy, so does the United States travel here. How many more businesses and individuals have to go bankrupt? How much more taxpayer money must we waste before this government recognizes the full cost of this pandemic?

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Jay gould Toronto

The federal government’s exemption of fully vaccinated Canadians from quarantine is welcome. However, the requirement that unvaccinated children always be quarantined places difficult choices on Canadian families living abroad.

I have a son and daughter-in-law living in London who would like to visit this summer with their four month old son, whom neither of the grandparents have yet met. I also have a son and family (three grandsons under 8) living in Austin, Texas who cannot come to Canada this summer due to quarantine requirements. Should both families postpone a visit for a year until, hopefully, vaccines are available for children under 12?

It is astounding that after more than a year of examining such situations, Ottawa has been unable to formulate a policy that does not disadvantage families in this thoughtless and indifferent manner.

Linda meldrum Port Hope, Ont.

My mother is in a long-term care facility where the residents have been vaccinated, but only two-thirds of the staff. They therefore continue to be subject to lockdown when a staff member tests positive. Why is vaccination not compulsory for those working in the health field?

Elsewhere, my son is entering his third year of the business program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Classes will be online, despite the fact that any adult who wants to be vaccinated by September likely will be. His program is collaborative and normally takes place in a state-of-the-art building, which he won’t enter for a year – all to protect those who choose not to be vaccinated for the greater good.

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If this continues, there will likely be hindsight from those who did the “right thing” – and I’ll be happy to lead the charge.

Laura Fitzsimmons Toronto

During a dental appointment last week I was asked all the usual COVID-19 questions on travel etc. I asked the hygienist why she hadn’t asked if I had had a vaccine. She said she was not allowed to ask because of privacy laws.

How are we ever going to get this virus under control if doctors’ offices and businesses are not allowed to get this information?

Anne Campbell Toronto

My family has done everything, to the best of our ability, to follow all the COVID-19 rules. We get the impression that the government has taken a step backwards every step of the way. While we have caught up on vaccinations and overtaken many countries, the government is still looking far behind in how to treat those who are vaccinated versus those who are not.

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Wasn’t that a predictable problem? Everyone should have proof of vaccination, and businesses should be allowed to screen customers if they choose – no shoes, no shirt, no service. For me, it’s simple: those who are vaccinated can go everywhere and do things, and those who can’t can’t.

Lyle smith Windsor, Ont.

Despite frustrations and flaws, Ontario’s vaccine reservation system works, experts say (June 23): There is a major gap in vaccine deployment in Ontario: accessibility for inpatients.

A family member has been in a Toronto hospital since May 27th. As a result, she missed her appointment for a second dose of the vaccine. Although she urged her doctors to give a second injection as a hospital patient, this did not happen.

Provided they consent and there is no medical reason not to do so, patients hospitalized for more than a few days should be vaccinated. This would protect them, their families, other patients and hospital staff.

Judy Wiener Toronto

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One country, one system?

Regarding the latest issue of Apple Daily Prints from Hong Kong (June 24): why does this illusory worry theme persist? The horse ran away. The fat lady is singing. The parrot is dead. Hong Kong is now China, folks, with all that that means.

False hope is cruel and dangerous for Chinese citizens. Ask any Uyghur undergoing “re-education.”

Mike firth Toronto

Get smart

Re CRA Audits Of Ultrawealthy Canadians Yield Zero Prosecutions or Convictions (Case Report, June 23): Criminal tax offenses that lead to “prosecution or conviction” involve willful misrepresentation or fabrications of facts intended to disguise taxable income or to create deductions from declared income. Ultra-rich Canadians are generally too smart to be trapped in such sophomoric and self-destructive activities.

If they wish to reduce taxes, they seek advice on arrangements (including those involving non-Canadian corporations or trusts) that are based on specific conditions of tax law (whether the results were intended or not) and do not do not involve false statements or fraudulent documents. .

This is, I find, the reason why there is “no prosecution or conviction”, not that there are not those (usually less wealthy) who foolishly engage in such criminal offenses.

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Nathan Boidman Westmount, Que.

The best of biotechnology

Re Toronto Biotech Startup Adela Raises $ 60 Million From Top US Investors (Business Report, June 23): A Simple Blood Test That Can Diagnose Many Types of Cancer? Invented here in Canada? Yes and yes!

Great biotechnology success stories like Adela are multiplying across Canada. Early stage funding often comes from philanthropy and nonprofit organizations that increasingly encourage commercialization.

The Canadian biotechnology venture capital industry is growing and increasingly better funded. Universities now often focus on commercializing discoveries, not just publishing articles in journals.

This is good news for Canada. Let’s celebrate our biotech superstars and support those who struggle in the labs to change the world.

Paul Alofs Former CEO, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation; Toronto

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Left to history

Re Wish List (Letters, June 24): A writer laments the lack of a Lyme disease vaccine. Rapid research indicates that an effective vaccine was developed in 1998 and was in use, but was dropped due to negative publicity from the vaccine-hesitant crowd.

Perhaps the problem is not science and vaccines, but the followers and promoters of pseudoscience.

Neil boyle Victoria

wild thing

Re Retail Therapy: Harry Rosen Goes Beyond Suits with New Line of Personal Care Products (online, June 17): Men’s grooming guru warns us that without sufficient attention to beard care and with the management of the mustache, our faces will go “crazy”. But I ask: with the rest of my 70-year-old anatomy behaving erratically, inconsistently, and with a reckless disregard for my well-being, why shouldn’t my face join in the fun?

Farley Helfant Toronto

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