Liper Announces Rebranding and Launch of TongueGym, the World’s First Patented Tongue Exerciser Product

Liper announced the launch of TongueGym, formerly known as Liper Device, the world’s first patented at-home tongue exerciser product. Designed for users of all ages, TongueGym is intended to provide assistance, ease, and enjoyment to those performing tongue exercises.

Made from BPA-free material, the TongueGym is ergonomically shaped to fit the mouths of infants and adults. According to Liper executives, it offers several distinct advantages over traditional finger exercise techniques.

TongueGym turns tongue stretching time into a special infant bonding experience.

“The response from parents around the world has exceeded expectations,” says company founder and technical director Dr. Eyal Botzer, DMD, specialist in neonatal dental and oral anomalies, director of pediatric dentistry at Tel Aviv Medical Center and co-founder of the IATP. . “Many parents had almost given up on their exercise routines, and the TongueGym changed that, turning tongue stretching into a special bonding experience with their babies. The ease, comfort and effectiveness offered by TongueGym means that their babies are finally getting the stretches so crucial to their future health and well-being, while the hygienic nature of the product increases their sense of security.

DR. Eyal Botzer, DMD, Director of Pediatric Dentistry and Language Treatment and Research Center at Tel Aviv Medical Center, CTO and Founder of Liper.

Also aimed at adult users, the product offers several benefits, says the company’s CEO, Eli Drapisz: “TongueGym is so light, small and highly portable that it allows adults to perform their exercise routines on the go, that whether in transit, at work or on the go anywhere else Drapisz adds, “It’s also easy to order the TongueGym from Liper’s website and have it delivered anywhere in the world.

TongueGym is for users of all ages, from newborns to adults.

TongueGym allows adults to perform their exercise routines on the go, whether in transit, at work, or any other location.

The TongueGym’s unique dual-point head allows it to be used for a variety of exercises. The tips are designed to fit the anatomy under the tongue, for use with flexibility exercises, while if placed on top of the tongue they can be used by adults for flexibility exercises. reinforcement.

The TongueGym was originally conceived by Botzer as a way to break the paradigm that tongue exercises are difficult, unpleasant and unhealthy. He led his R&D team for years to create the TongueGym – a handleless tool that slips easily onto the user’s finger, extending its reach beyond the fingertips to allow greater control, precision and efficiency of the movement.

Today, tens of thousands of people have benefited from TongueGym and with the new rebrand, the company intends to increase that number exponentially.

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