Loans Like LendUp | 5 Best LendUp Alternatives in 2021

LendUp is one of the most popular platforms in the US lending industry. It is one of those platforms that provide quick cash (as loans) to persons who desperately need cash to take care of urgent financial needs.

You’ll agree that ‘needing to pay a bill but not having the cash to pay it is not a good position to be in. So, loan options that quickly put extra cash in your hand are important to have around.

However, LendUp is no more offering new loans. So, it is even more important to consider LendUp alternatives, so that you’ll know where to go for temporary cash relief should emergency expenses arise.

Read on for the best loans like LendUp.

Loans Like Lendup – #1 Alternative: Viva Payday Loans

  Loan Amounts Loan Terms APR Range Loan Fees Customer Support
LendUp $100 – $500 14 days – 12 months 70.6% – 1,251.43% Depends on your state, loan amount, and term Phone: No
Email: Yes
Shopfront: No
Viva Payday Loans $100 – $5000 2 – 24 months 5.99% – 35.99% Depends on your state, loan amount, and term Phone: No
Email: Yes
Shopfront: No

5 Best Loans Like LendUp – Top 5 Options

If you want the juice immediately, here are our top picks of loans like LendUp.

  1. Viva Payday Loans – Most Preferred and Trusted Lender.
  2. AmeriCash Loans – A Great Credit-building Alternative.
  3. CashNetUSA Loans – Flexible Terms and Conditions.
  4. Fig Loans – Competitive Annual Percentage Rates.
  5. Blue Trust Loans – Guaranteed No Credit Checks.

What Are Lend Up Loans?

It should be noted that LendUp is not a direct lender, but simply a platform that offered its customers one-click access to loan options with third-party lenders. LendUp match loan applications submitted to it with direct lenders in its database, after which one of these lenders takes up the request and finance the loan.

LendUp advertises as providing a better alternative to Payday loans. While LendUp provided access to payday loans, the main borrowing alternatives it made available were installment loans.

Unlike payday loans which are very small amounts to be paid back in full upon the client’s next payday, installment loans are relatively bigger and are paid back in scheduled monthly installments over a period of time. The more flexible repayment structure of installment loans really makes them better alternatives to payday loans.

Depending on whether you get a payday loan or installment loan, the LendUp loans used to range between $100 and $500. However, they were high-interest rate loans with APR that ranged between 70.6% – 1,251.43%. LendUp payday loans had terms of 14 – 30 days, while LendUp installment loans had terms of 2 – 12 months.

Common Uses of Loans like LendUp

LendUp Loans can be used to provide temporary financial relief when you are cash-strapped but have small yet critical expenses to take care of.

Such situations include:

  • Paying hospital bills
  • Car repairs
  • Financing emergency trips
  • Repairing household appliances/ equipment

How to Qualify for Loans Like LendUp (Eligibility Criteria)

The eligibility criteria vary from platform to platform. However, the general requirements are:

  • You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident.
  • You must have a checking account.
  • You must have a valid email address and phone number.
  • You must have a means of monthly income (not necessarily a traditional job).

Know that the beauty of LendUp Loans and its alternative is that qualifying for these loans is easy.

These loans are typically no guarantor loans, so you do not need to find someone who’ll provide a guarantee that you will pay back the loan. Your signature is all the guarantee you need when applying for loans like LendUp.

Also, they are no collateral loans, so you do not need to pledge personal property of value as security for repayment of the loan.

Also, they are bad credit loans, so you do not need to have a high credit score to qualify for the loans. In fact, if you cannot get loans from banks and credit facilities because of bad credit or less-than-perfect credit, you are likely to get a loan from the LendUp alternatives.

Top 5 LendUp Loans Alternatives – Fully Reviewed

Let’s dive deeper into our top LendUp Loans Alternatives, and take a look at their major highlights, as well as their pros and cons.

1. Viva Payday Loans – Overall Best Option for Loan like LendUp

is our number one LendUp alternative by some distance. Like LendUp, Viva Payday Loans aggregates the top direct lenders in the US and allows customers to reach these lenders with one loan application.

Viva Payday Loans also gives access to payday loans as well as installment loans.  Loan amounts are between $100 and $5,000 and are to be paid back over 2 to 24 months. Though applicable APR depends on a lot of actors like loan amount and loan term, it’ll range from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Viva Payday Loans provides quick loans suitable to everyday Americans. If you find it difficult to get a loan elsewhere because of less-than-perfect credit, Viva Payday Loans is for you because all credit scores are welcome. It even offers no credit check loans and bad credit loans. The main concern is not your credit score but affordability. So, while no guarantors and collateral are required, Viva Payday Loans require that you receive a regular monthly income of more than $1,000.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Star Rating
$100 – $5,000 2 – 24 months 5.99% – 35.99% 5.0/ 5.0


  • It’s a marketplace that allows submitting applications to different lenders
  • All FICO scores are welcome
  • Instant decisions on requests


  • High-Interest rates for extended loan terms

Viva Payday Loans ensures that bad credit is not a death sentence to loan requests. It caters to everyone, including those with bad credit.

2. AmeriCash Loans – Good for Short Term Loans

AmeriCash Loans is a direct lender that provides borrowers access to quick installment loans online and in 63 brick-and-mortar locations across Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and South Carolina.

AmeriCash gets you the cash you need fast without much of a hassle. The application is quick and easy. You’ll get approved in minutes and the funds will be transferred into your account on the same day.

AmeriCash Loans amounts are generally between $100 and $2,500. Although persons in Oklahoma can request $50, while persons in Indiana can get up to $4,000. The loan terms also range from 2 to 12 months, but Oklahoma borrowers can have up to 18 months to pay.

Like Viva Payday Loans, AmeriCash Loans does not consider the credit score, so it is also a fine lender if you want no credit check loans and bad credit loans. However, APR can get as high as 521%.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Star Rating
$50 – $4,000 1 – 18 months 67% – 521% 4.5/ 5.0


  • Operates brick and mortar store for those that want the traditional bank feel
  • Fast cash (can be transferred to your account or collected in one of its locations on the same day)
  • No credit checks.


  • Provides services in only 12 states in the US
  • Not very transparent with APRs

With its storefronts, AmeriCash Loans caters to persons who want the traditional bank feel. It’s also fine if you want quick cash, as you can get approved and collect your cash the same day either through transfer or in one of its stores.

3. CashNetUSA Loans – Best for Installment Loans

CashNetUSA is an online lender that offers no guarantor, easy to get loans to help you stay on top of small financial emergencies.

CashNet USA offers both payday loans and installment loans, as well as LOC (line of credit). Loans application will take only minutes, decisions are immediate, and dame day deposits are available (if approved before 1:00 pm CT).

CashNetUSA loan amounts depend on the type of loan. The smaller payday loans range between $100 and $600, while installment loans range between $100 and $3,500. You can have just a month or up to 24 months for repayment, and the APR can be as high as 449%.

However, whether or not you have a perfect credit score, CashNetUSA welcomes you. Approval decisions are not based on just your credit score but your overall finance. Unemployed loans are also possible if you prove affordability by meeting the monthly income requirement.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Star Rating
$100 – $3,500 1 – 24 months 85% – 449% 4.5/ 5.0


  • Getting funds is fast
  • Bad credit profiles can get loans.


  • Does not cover all US states
  • Installment loans are only available in a few states

CashNetUSA is best for persons who want quick funding. If you don’t want to wait around to get the funds you need, turn to CashNetUSA. It’s also best for persons with a not-so-fine FICO credit score, as it does not base approval decisions on just credit score.

4. Fig Loans – Best for No Guarantor Loans

Fig Loans

Fig Loans, originating from Houston, is a direct lender committed to offering borrowers fair prices and fair repayment timelines.

Fig Loans typically range from $300 – $750. But you can get financed for smaller or higher depending on your state (for example, California and Illinois can get $50, while Texas and New Mexico can get as much as $1,000). Loan terms also depends on the State but can range from 1 month to 10 months.

True to Fig Loans’ promise of giving fair prices, its APRs are relatively lower than those of most of the other direct lenders offering similar loans. The homepage proudly displays a clean comparison chart to help you visualize this.

Know also that applying for a Fig Loan will not hurt your credit because at that point Fig Loans does only a soft credit check. However, a report is made to credit bureaus when you accept the loan. Fig Loans advertises helping you build your credit. However, this is possible with only on-time loan repayments.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Star Rating
$50 – $1,000 1 – 10 months 35.99% – 211% 4.5/ 5.0


  • Relatively lower APR
  • Transparency (APRs are clearly displayed for each state, loan amount, and term)
  • May help build credit.


  • Available in only 8 states
  • Relatively smaller window to pay back loans

Fig Loans are best for persons who want relatively small amounts that can be quickly paid back. The relatively small loans are easy to get no guarantor loans that are fine for bad credit and unemployed persons. With relatively fair APR, Fig Loans is fine for borrowers who do not want overly expensive loan options.

5. Blue Trust Loans – Low APR on Quick Loans

Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans is a direct lender that markets itself as offering an alternative to payday loans.

As advertised, Blue Trust Loans offers only installment loans with repayment structures more flexible than payday loans. Loan amounts vary depending on the state. While first-time borrowers can only get as much as $1,500, return borrowers can get up to $3,000. However, APR can get as high as 841%, and in this regard, Blue Trust Loans is no different from the payday loans out there.

The relatively high rates mean that Blue Trust Loans welcomes bad credit borrowers. This does not mean that a loan is guaranteed with bad credit, but you are more likely to get financed by Blue Trust Loan with bad credit.

You won’t sweat to get financed by Blue Trust Loans.  Submitting an application is quick, approval is quick, and you’ll immediately receive your loan documents. Same-day funding is also available (if eSigning of loan document happens before 11:45 am).

Also, Blue Trust Loans knows how to reward loyal customers. It has a tiered loyalty program that rewards you (if you regularly pay off your loans on time) with higher loan amounts, better terms, and better rates.

Loan Amount Loan Term APR Star Rating
$100 – $3,000 2 – 9 months 471% – 841% 3.5/ 5.0


  • A richly rewarding loyalty program
  • Bad credit profiles are accepted.

Features of Viva Payday Loans

While any of the 5 above are fine alternatives to LendUp loans, Viva Payday Loans remains the undisputed best overall. To understand why, let’s look at some of its features.


For your convenience, Viva Payday loans is entirely online. You do not have to walk to brick-and-mortar stores for anything.

Also, the process is easy and fast. It’ll take literally a few minutes to apply, a fast algorithm runs your requirements with direct lenders in its database and matches you with one, loan approvals are almost instant, and money can be transferred to you on the same day.

Easy Qualification Requirement

Viva Payday loans are unsecured, no guarantor, no collateral loans. So, you do not have to worry about what to pledge or who will stand for you as loan security.

Flexible loan amounts

Payday loans are typically small amounts capped at $500 – $1,000. However, Viva Payday Loans offer loan amounts of $5,000. Thus, you can use Viva Payday Loans to finance relatively bigger projects like home renovations, weddings, etc.

Welcomes all FICO scores

Viva Payday Loans will not say no to you because of bad credit scores or history. If you cannot secure a quick loan using traditional channels (like banks) because of less-than-perfect credit history, you are very likely to get the financing you need using Viva Payday Loans.

This is because Viva Payday Loans focuses more on affordability than credit history. It’s more like simply acknowledging that you had credit issues in the past, but that doesn’t mean you cannot pay back a loan in the future. However, to prove affordability, you’ll have to show that you receive a monthly income of at least $1,000. This focus on affordability also allows Viva Payday Loans to offer loans to unemployed

How to Get Loans Like LendUp

We’ve said many times in this article that getting Loans like LendUp is easy. But how easy is it? It’s as easy as “a, b, c, d”. Don’t worry, the ‘d’ part is receiving the funds.

To see how easy getting these loans are, follow below for how to get a loan from Viva Payday Loans.

Step 1: Visit Viva Payday Loans

For an online lender like Viva Payday Loan, you do this by visiting the website Viva Payday Loans.

Step 2: Complete the Application Form

On the homepage, click the “Apply” button. It’s a prominent green button in the top left corner of the page. This opens the application page. Then, simply enter your details in the fields.

Viva Payday Loans makes applying less daunting by not displaying the full application form. As you enter your details, other sections of the form open up.

You’ll be required to enter such details as your name, date of birth, home address, contact details, social security number, bank details, employment type, income frequency, net income, and more. Simply answer as honestly as possible and submit your application.

The application process should take only 2 – 3 minutes if you’re fast enough, but you may decide to take up to 10 minutes so as to go over it more carefully.

Step 3: Get your decision

Viva Payday Loans have to first run your information with lenders in its database and match you with one. However, the whole process is pretty fast. Almost instantly, you’ll application will be tabled before the lender who will finance the loan.

Also, Viva Payday lender partners make approval decisions very fast. So, in mere minutes after submitting your application, you’ll receive information on whether your application is approved or not.

If approved, you’ll be mailed loan documents that will require your e-signature. Doing this sets the loan contract in motion.

Step 4: Receive your Loan

After agreeing to the loan contract, Viva Payday Loans will transfer the funds to your account. Typically, this takes 24 hours.

Request Your Payday Loan at our Top Rated Provider – Viva Payday Loans


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