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MagSafe was one of the most notable new features in the iPhone 12 line, and it was something I immediately wanted on my phone. Fortunately, there are already several options for upgrading Android phones, and the Moment Force (M) case might be the best yet.

I had been using the Mophie Snap adapter for a few months before I got my hands on the Moment alternative, and while there was a lot to like, it wasn’t perfect. Dust and lint stick to the adhesive that holds the adapter to your phone, making it nearly impossible to clean. Fortunately, this is not a problem with Moment’s solution.

M (case of force)


It’s the best MagSafe implementation on non-iPhones I’ve seen, and it justifies more than the $ 50 price tag. Because it was designed specifically for the S21, the magnets line up perfectly with the wireless charging coils inside the phone. The (M) Force case is also thin and light, which makes it much less bulky than the Snap Adapter, which you have to stick to the back of your phone or case.

The magnets aren’t as strong, but the (M) Force still keeps my phone safe with all the accessories I’ve tried. Naturally, the case is compatible with Moment’s many excellent lenses, making it a great option for serious mobile photographers.

Unfortunately, the (M) Force cases are only available for a few iPhones, the Galaxy S21 series, and the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, so if you’re using something else, the Snap Adapter would still be the best option.

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(M) Force case

Moment Pro Tripod Mount for MagSafe


Current offers a wide range of MagSafe accessories in addition to the (M) Force case, including a wall mount and car mounts, but my favorite is the Pro tripod mount. It is sold in three varieties; the base support without cold shoe attachment; landscape only; and the landscape + portrait montage, which I have here.

The set is made of aluminum, so it is sturdy and light. Setup is simple: attach it to your tripod, rotate the shoe mount the right way, then snap the phone into place using the magnets. I’ve only had the chance to use it a few times, but it hasn’t failed to impress me so far. Next time I want to do astrophotography I will use it to attach my phone to my tripod. You can purchase Moment’s Pro Tripod Mount for $ 60.

If you’re interested in the tripod, but Moment doesn’t make a Force (M) case for your phone, don’t worry. The Mophie Snap Adapter works perfectly with all Moment MagSafe accessories.

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Professional tripod stand

Moment Cold Hot Shoe Holder for MagSafe


If you need to do some hand-held photography but still want access to your cold shoe accessories, like a microphone, bubble level or flash, Moment has the Cold Shoe Rack for you. I will primarily be using the bubble level to properly align the shots, but unfortunately that didn’t arrive in time to be used in this review. I can however say that the mount itself is very well designed and I will update this post when I have tried the attachments. The mount will cost you $ 40.

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Cold shoe rack

Moment Wall Mount for MagSafe

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You can attach the mount to your wall using one of the included adhesive pads or screw it in for something more permanent. I used the pad to secure it to the bathroom tiles near the sink, and it’s incredibly strong, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your phone. I watch YouTube a lot in the morning and being able to quickly stick the phone to the wall while brushing my teeth is easier (and safer) than putting it on my sink.

Another potential use case I see is getting one of Mophie’s Snap Adapters and using it to mount an old phone on a wall so you can use it as a smart home hub, of sorts. , to control your lights and heating. It’s reasonably priced at $ 20, so it’s easy to recommend.

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Wall mounting

Overall, I was very impressed with Moment’s MagSafe accessories, and the (M) Force case is the best way to add MagSafe to your phone, as long as you own one of the few models for it. which it is available. The only downside, besides availability, is the price. $ 50 is a lot for a phone case, and the accessories don’t come cheap either, especially if you want to get a whole sequel. Even so, seeing how well everything works out, I would say it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

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