Meet the 2022 SSHS Homecoming Nominees

Sulfur Springs High School administrators this week introduced the 10 young girls selected as nominees for the 2022 SSHS Homecoming. After a week of spiritual activities, including a parade, the community will learn which of these seniors is selected as This year’s Homecoming Royalty during pre-game activities at Gerald Prim Stadium starting at 6.40pm tonight (September 23, 2022).

During a special media event, each of the 2022 SSHS Homecoming contestants spoke with KSST to give Wildcat fans a chance to learn a little more about each contestant. Watch their interviews in the video above or read more about them below.

Addison’s Wall

Homecoming contestant Addisyn Wall is the daughter of Jessica Hogan and Geoffrey Wall. She has

Addisyn Wall

played basketball and volleyball for four years. She sits on the SSHS student council and is a member of the Key Club. Her writing skills led her to become state champion of the Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Contest in the spring; she also participates in UIL academic journalism events.

Although she enjoys writing, Addisyn said that after high school she plans to attend Tyler Junior College to pursue a career in dental hygiene.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, but I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and I saw people sticking needles into people and I was like, ‘No, this isn’t for me. .’ So, I studied dental hygiene and I’m actually close to the orthodontist, Andrew Hodges, and kind of got into it. said Addisyn Wall.

Nominated Tia Nash

Reunion contestant Tia Nash is the daughter of Elvria and Nate Mingo.

Tia Nash

Tia plays on the Lady Cats softball team. She is also active in the Key Club, HOSA and sits on the SSHS student council.

Although she is happy to be a servant leader, Tia said she is very excited about HOSA and learning more about the career she plans to pursue. Tia plans to become a labor and delivery nurse.

“It’s just cool for me to see how the female body works, how the baby can come out. I’ve always wanted to save a baby,” Tia told KSST this week.

Tia is currently on a health science internship at SSHS, which will allow her to shadow professionals at the local hospital to get first-hand insight into her chosen career path.

Nominated Jadyn Harper

Reunion contestant Jadyn Harper is the daughter of Shaniqua Harper and Bam Jackson.

Jadyn Harper

Jadyn plays on the varsity softball team and is also a varsity cheerleader.

She is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society, HOSA, Hi King Klub and serves on the Student Council. She said she enjoys being a leader, helping to steer people in the right direction.

Jadyn is currently in the internship class at SSHS, a step towards her goal of going to college to become a Certified Registered Nurse (RN).

“I just like helping people and just being in the hospital, I feel like it’s a good environment,” Jadyn Harper said.

Miley Fisher nominee

SSHS reunion contestant Miley Fisher is the daughter of Stan and Brandy Fisher.

Miley Fisher

She is involved in college cheerleading. She is also a member of the Hopkins County High School Leadership Group, the Key Club, and the National Honor Society, and serves on the student council.

Miley said it was “very important to me to be a leader at school and to represent Sulfur Springs High School.”

After high school, she plans to attend Oklahoma State University to major in speech therapy.

“My brother has had a lot of speech issues over the years and I’ve loved watching him grow with the help of a speech therapist. So, I’d love to be that for someone,” Miley said. I’ve seen it first hand so it’s very important to me.”

Miley was “super excited” for all the fun activities associated with Homecoming this week.

Nominated Olivia Worth

Reunion contestant Olivia Worth is the daughter of Jessica and Chris Worth.

Olivia Worth

She holds a number of senior positions at SSHS, including as captain of the Blue Blazes drill team and president of the Hi King Klub.

“Being a drill team captain is a big responsibility and you have to be able to lead your team in the right direction,” Olivia told KSST, emphasizing the importance of being a good leader.

She is also involved with the Key Club, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and Hopkins County High School Leadership Class.

Olivia plans to attend Texas A&M to pursue her career in nursing. She said watching her mother, who is involved in the medical field, inspires her to get involved in it as well. She said she would like to be a travel nurse while continuing her education.

She said she was excited about the reunion week and was grateful for the opportunity to be nominated for the reunion.

Listen to the Wildcats live on KSST Radio 1230 AM or watch the live broadcast of Homecoming on September 23, 2022 on the YouTube channel KSST Radio 1230 AM. Kick-off against the Liberty-Eylau Leopards at 7:30 p.m.

Nominated Ja’Yden Holly

Reunion contestant Ja’Yden Holly is the daughter of Christopher Holly and Sonja Rush.

Ja’yden Holly

She is a member of the Key Club, FCCLA and Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy. She is vice-president of the Hi King Klub. She was also involved in the college track for four years.

Ja’Yden is currently in the law enforcement internship program at SSHS, a stepping stone to the future. She plans to attend Howard University to major in law enforcement with the goal of one day becoming a criminal defense attorney.

“I always like to lend a hand and I feel like it’s a very important role in government,” Ja’Yden told KSST.

Ja’Yden also said he was excited about the reunion week and was very grateful to the local community.

Nominated Jayla Abron

Reunion nominee Jayla Abron is the daughter of Talea and Brian Kelly.

Jayla Abron

She is involved with the Key Club, the National Honor Society, and the National Technical Honor Society. She also serves on the student council and is part of the Hopkins County High School Leadership Group. Plus, Jayla was a three-year-old cheerleader.

Jayla said serving in various leadership roles is “very important to me because it took me a long time to get here”, and she is “super grateful to be here now and to be able to be a leader for my peers. .

She took business classes while attending SSHS, which only furthered her career goals. After high school, she plans to attend Texas Southern University, where she will major in management and business administration.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own business, to be a businesswoman,” she said.

Jayla said she was “super excited” to be nominated for the Homecoming Court and blessed to have the opportunity.

Judge Jones appointed

Homecoming Nominee Justice Jones is the daughter of Chanta Givens and Anson Jones.

Judge Jones

At SSHS, Justice is a member of the track and field team.

In addition to her school involvement, Justice is very active in the community. She is the head coach of the East Texas Bulldogs youth cheer squad and the current Miss Juneteenth of Sulfur Springs. She is president of the Morning Chapel Baptist Youth Department and serves as a junior usher.

“I love Sulfur Springs. I’ve been here 12 years,” Justice said.

After high school, she plans to continue serving the youth of her community. She plans to major in education, with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Judge said she loves children and would love to teach either kindergarten, helping to give students that basic foundation in education, or third grade, the middle grade of elementary school.

She said she was very excited about the reunion week and is very grateful for the opportunity.

Nominated Martha Gonzalez

SSHS Homecoming candidate Martha Gonzalez is the daughter of Laura and Gerardo Gonzalez.

She is involved in FCCLA, Key Club, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Hi King Klub. She serves on the student council and as a class secretary. She is also part of the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy.

Marthe González

“I take a lot of time to get to know people and how to lead them and be able to see them succeed in our community and in our classroom,” Martha said.

Being able to help others is especially important to Martha. She plans to attend Texas A&M University-Commerce for a double major in social work and paralegal studies. While social work, helping children “have an enjoyable and amazing childhood,” will be her main focus, she thinks paralegal studies will be a useful tool to use in social work.

Martha said she was extremely grateful to be nominated for Homecoming Court and to see who the Homecoming Queen and Princesses are.

Nominated Angeles Cruz

Reunion contestant Angeles Cruz is the daughter of Cecilia Cruz.

She serves on student council and is involved with the Key Club, National Honor Society, and HOSA. She too is on the varsity football team.

Outside of school, Angeles is involved with the youth group at St. James Catholic Church.

Angeles Cruz

She said that having an active leadership role in some of these groups is very important to her.

“I want to get into entrepreneurship and make a name for myself. I believe a good leader can create a vision and embrace it and embody it into something big to motivate people to create a name for themselves. I’m totally ambitious,” Angeles acknowledged. “If I could have the world in my hands, I totally would.”

She is currently participating in the Pharmaceutical Technology Internship offered by SSHS, which allows her to gain hands-on experience working in a pharmacy. She plans to attend the University of Texas-Denton to pursue a premedicine degree with the goal of one day becoming a pharmacist and pediatrician or registered nurse.

“I really wanted a challenging career for myself because I like putting myself through things, obstacles that I can overcome and maybe get better, better,” Angeles said. “I really wanted to learn new things, not necessarily just the helping part, but I also wanted to take in all the information that could be given to me.”

Angeles said she was thrilled to be nominated for reunion court, which is a great opportunity for her. She also loves seeing girls dress up and look pretty, and is excited for Friday night.

Sulfur Springs High School 2022 Reunion Nominees (KSST photo by Matthew Janson)

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