Milky Lane Menu: Cult hamburger chain creates delicious Cadbury Caramilk giant apple pie


Cult burger chain Milky Lane unveiled five new menu items for November.

Decadent treats mix up favorite chocolates from Darrell Lea, Nestlé’s Milky Bar, Maltesers and the ever popular Cadbury Caramilk.

Caramilk Giant Apple Pie is served with vanilla ice cream, Caramilk chunks and specially designed Caramilk custard.

Milky Lane Caramilk Custard Apple Pie. Credit: Provided
Milky Lane's Milky Bar Raspberry Bullet Megashake.
Milky Lane’s Milky Bar Raspberry Bullet Megashake. Credit: Provided

A new ‘megashake’ is also available which combines Darrell Lea’s white chocolate raspberry balls, the ‘vanilla frost’ Milky Bar, the strawberry sauce with Nutella.

Other items include carbonara chicken tacos, carbonara cornbread and a ‘Movietime’ cocktail with Maltesers and popcorn.

Milky Lane Chicken Carbonara Taco.
Milky Lane Chicken Carbonara Taco. Credit: Provided
Milky Lane Carbonara Cornbread.
Milky Lane Carbonara Cornbread. Credit: Provided
Movietime Cocktail by Milky Lane.
Movietime Cocktail by Milky Lane. Credit: Provided

Milky Lane stores can be found across NSW, ACT and Queensland, and the new food line is only available until the end of November.

KFC launches a new Spicy Zinger range

Logos: KFC Zinger Crunch range.

KFC also launched a new line of menus in stores nationwide this week.

The new Zinger Crunch range includes a Zinger filet, pickled coleslaw, Jalapeño cheese and mayonnaise, as well as crunchy corn chips.

The Zinger Crunch Burger brings the classic burger to life, but for the first time for KFC there will be two lighter choices in the lineup.

The Zinger Crunch Twister and Zinger Crunch Bowl will be available with the Zinger filet as well as the famous Original Recipe filet – for those who don’t like spices too much.

Kristi Woolrych, director of marketing at KFC Australia, said the company was “thrilled” to bring three new permanent menu items to fans across the country.

“The new Zinger Crunch line is exploding with fresh new flavors and crunchy, so we know fans around the world will want to give it their all,” commented Woolrych.

Logos: KFC Zinger Chewable Bowl.

“The range brings a refreshing twist to our iconic Zinger menu dishes with new flavors – and our first KFC bowl – that were created with the tastes and interests of our fans in mind.”

The Zinger Crunch line is a permanent addition to the KFC menu nationwide starting Tuesday. has not received any monetary benefit from this content.

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