NDP candidates in Sudbury and Nickel Belt celebrate official campaign launch


New Democrats want to make homes and rents more affordable for Sudbury-area families

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Federal NDP candidates in the ridings of Sudbury and Nickel Belt celebrated the official launch of their campaign on Sunday for the September 20 federal election.

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Sudbury NDP candidate Nadia Verrelli joined Nickel Belt NDP candidate Andréane Chénier for a barbecue at the party’s official headquarters located at 1486 boul.

Ahead of the celebration, the two candidates teamed up to announce the NDP’s plan to make rents more affordable in Sudbury.

The party said it would tighten the rules to prevent big developers from “renovating” families, make it easier for families to pay rent by providing up to $ 5,000 a year in financial assistance, and crack down on listing lists. expectation for affordable housing.

“Instead of helping the people who lost their jobs during this pandemic, (Liberal Leader) Justin Trudeau threatened to shut down the CERB which was helping Sudburians pay their rent,” said Verreli.

“We are also seeing rents skyrocket as developers increase rents. Instead of helping Sudbury families, Trudeau sided with wealthy promoters. He is not a friend of tenants and their families who do all they can to make ends meet.

Sudbury residents are paying an additional $ 2,232 a year in rent for a two-bedroom apartment, the NDP said in a statement.

“This is an increase of almost 20% in just six years. Justin Trudeau refuses to close loopholes used by wealthy developers to raise prices uncontrollably, ”the press release said.

Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has said he wants to make sure the ultra-rich pay their fair share and that rents remain affordable for ordinary families.

“What kind of economic recovery can people expect if their rents are sky-high? Chénier said in the press release.

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“Rent-paying families can’t afford four more years with Justin Trudeau. We must do better. New Democrats will help families navigate this pandemic to a fair recovery. “

This announcement builds on a previous commitment to build 500,000 affordable homes within 10 years.

“The NDP’s affordable housing plan will take a lot of money out of the Canadian housing market and help young families buy a home they can afford,” said the NDP.

“The NDP would attack big investors by imposing a 20% tax on foreign buyers on the sale of homes to individuals who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents.

The party said its plan would target money laundering and organized crime in the housing sector by making it harder to hide behind anonymous companies and giving regulators more bite, according to the press release.

The NDP also wants to lift the GST on building homes that meet affordability standards and create a fund to help nonprofits, not big developers, buy properties to help communities stay affordable.

“Young people in our region who want to buy a house in Sudbury are seeing their prices go up because of a racing housing market,” said Chénier.

“Justin Trudeau had six years to do something for young families who cannot afford to buy a house in our community, but he chose to do nothing. Trudeau has sided with big business and big investors who are inflating home prices. It’s not fair to young families here.

The Canadian Real Estate Association reported that the average price of a home in Greater Sudbury increased 33.8% from February 2020 to February 2021.

“In Sudbury, young people face the highest house prices in Northern Ontario combined with (fewer) opportunities caused by the massive cuts to Laurentian under the Trudeau Liberals. The city is also facing a homelessness crisis. We cannot afford the continued inaction of Justin Trudeau, ”said Verreli.

“New Democrats will help young people pay for their homes here in Sudbury and we will tackle the housing crisis.

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