“Night Teeth” Netflix Review: A Sexy Vampire Movie With Neon Lights And Human Barrels


Adding to our age-old fascination with the bloodthirsty walking dead right after Midnight Mass, Netflix released another vampire story with Night teeth, a pseudo thriller meets romantic comedy where an aspiring film producer drives two youngsters in their twenties forever to Los Angeles for a chaotic night that includes blood served on tap and humans used as barrels.

Zoe (Lucy Fry) and Blaire (Debby Ryan) are part of a plan to take over the city organized by Zoe’s boyfriend, Victor (Alfie Allen). He’s tired of being a runner-up for senior vampires and has come up with a plan they must execute in one night. This is the age-old trope where vampires are fed up with coexisting with humans and playing by their rules, so it’s time for everyone to remember who has real power and can suck a body dry of its vital fluid. . Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is their driver and the sweet little brother of Jay (Raúl Castillo Jr.), the leader of a crew of humans who has kept the peace between vampires and humans for generations.

Obviously, chaos abounds all night long and we see the girls visiting the “Blood Clubs” where the humans willingly sign up to be a vampire meal for the evening, Blaire and Benny quickly start to get eyes on each other. rearview mirror because – duh; and there are lots of fight montages and car scenes shot from above so you can see the city of angels in all its glory, and just enough blood to remind you that this is a vampire movie but that it keep its PG-13 rating.

The movie isn’t great, but it’s not great either. He gives exactly what you think he would give as soon as you saw the trailer. It relies heavily on aesthetics and names – Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney in particular, who play bored vampire gang bosses with great attitudes and outfits – to get people to watch, which is slightly unfair. because a few of those faces don’t start to make their appearance until much of the movie. The story stays cohesive but each act lasts longer than necessary, giving each person in the scene moments to get into their fourth or fifth quip, or to extend yet another set-up shot to remind us that the movie is unfolding. in the rich culture and black and brown neighborhoods of LA. My biggest qualms are that it has no activity for almost two hours; there isn’t enough intrigue or beautiful, leather-clad girls to justify this run time.

The music takes the film’s most moving moments to the next level, as well as the more country-side ones, but its saving grace is Lucy Frys’ performance as an unstable and jealous undead hottie. She delivers her lines and walks into the scenes with a smile that suggests she could untangle and kill you at any time, and you would probably thank her if she did. She and Ryan play each other well and once their story is revealed, it becomes one that I would definitely watch a whole CW series on.

One of the movie’s biggest missteps, a moment that I unfortunately can’t continue to replay, is a scene where a cop, in cahoots with the vampires, meets Benny in a parking lot right after setting everything up that the vampires do. girls he plays driver at are vampires. I would have loved not to see a cop shoot a gun at an Afro-Latino character and put it on his head after asking him if he had drugs on him – even if it was a stunt so that he’s being saved by the maybe … kinda weird vamp girls. It’s an odd scene to have, especially when 15 minutes earlier there was a very thoughtful photo of Benny and the girls driving on Hollywood Boulevard, where the now permanent “All Black Lives Matter” mural is painted across the street. It’s not just weird, it’s deaf, and there’s a myriad of other ways they could’ve introduced the cop, or, you know, just got creative and didn’t use the dirty cop storytelling.

Despite its flaws, the gratuitous vampire violence and sexy but spooky vibe are worth watching on Halloween. If that doesn’t sound like you, Debby Ryan is recounting the movie and if you’ve heard her voice before, that’s reason enough for you to see what it is.

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