One-Punch Man’s Mysterious Hero Puts A Spooky Twist On My Hero Academia

Hero Pig God from One-Punch Man and Fat Gum from My Hero Academia both have fat-based powers, but Pig God takes the macabre horror of it to a new level.

Spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 157 Ahead!

One of the most debatable heroes of One-punch man to date (aside from problematic ones like Puri Puri Prisoner and Blackluster) has been Pig God, a morbidly obese man whose power really wasn’t so clear. Always shown eating when not in combat, Pig God is always a friendly and caring guy; chapter 157, however, revealed that his massive bulk has a twisted little origin that could cause similar characters like my hero academiait’s Fat Gum recoils in horror.

Despite being an S-Class, Rank 10, Pig God is one of the most mysterious characters in One-punch man. Even the official character guides have obscured his stats in ways other heroes haven’t, and the character himself, like Saitama, doesn’t seem to really know the source of his powers. While super speed and strength are relatively common in the world of A punch, truly inexplicable powers, like Zombieman’s rebirth ability, Tornado’s psychic powers, or Pig God’s insatiable hunger, are pretty rare. Pig God has already been shown devouring monsters, which are described as taste awful at best and induce vomiting at worst, and the monster’s mass is almost irrelevant aside from taking longer. Eating even a single monster cell was enough to turn some humans into monsters, while a monster’s entire body leaves Pig God completely unfazed. He is also able to regurgitate what he has swallowed, which was ominously used earlier in the Monster Association arc to save some of the nameless mercenaries sent before the heroes.


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Chapter 157 opens with Amai Mask waking up to see a thin alien sitting nearby in the middle of this battlefield, in a massively oversized shirt that matches Pig God’s. The battle has apparently worn him down to the point that his height is barely any different from that of an ordinary man. This is similar to how the Fat Gum character in my hero academia works: his “fat stores” act as a fuel source in battle, so staying pumped up at all times means having more power to work in a fight. As a result, when the tough fights are over, Fat Gum often reverts to average size, or even extremely fit, with the low body fat percentage highlighting the muscles that are still there. For Fat Gum, this usually means the end of his time in battle; after all, it can take a while to regain the weight.

Pig God, however, has a different way of dealing with this problem: as he sits there in his medium-sized body, he slowly eats a monster’s corpse bit by bit. This proves a few shocking things about his powers, the most important being that he didn’t rely on his size to devour such huge creatures. Plus, it indicates that eating now will still be helpful for now – that it can build muscle fast enough to help more. It also appears that some of his mass may have been redirected by Fubuki to save Tanktop Master’s life, as Tanktop Master turned out to be much larger when he reappeared.

While One-punch mande’s preference for evil monsters over humans certainly makes it a bit better than if My Hero Academia Fat Gum was meant to do the same, it’s still a pretty dark take on the moderately common “obesity superpower” trope that pops up in comics and manga from time to time. Hopefully Amai Mask’s powerful feelings about beauty don’t show when the two return to battle, because Pig God’s gruesome display could very well bring about some heroic fights.

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