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Brushing teeth. For some, this can be an anxiety-inducing appointment that takes place every six months and should be avoided at all costs, like most dental appointments. When you brush your teeth and floss every night, it’s pretty good… isn’t it? Not exactly. Paige Flowers, dental hygienist at Sitzes Family Dental, spends her days teaching her patients why it is important not only for oral health but also for overall physical health to meet these appointments with a dental hygienist on a regular basis. The way Paige cares for her patients, however, is what makes her truly exceptional at what she does. Her caring presence and gentle disposition is why she has become a favorite in her field and how she keeps patients coming back on time.

Paige says the main goal of her role as a dental hygienist is to provide preventative care and sort out any oral health issues before they start. A dental hygienist has specialized tools to treat hard-to-reach places that cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush. Without proper cleaning, a buildup begins to occur, causing cavities, gum disease and more problems in the mouth. During a teeth cleaning appointment, Paige also works to help patients prevent further oral complications. “We also look for infections, abnormalities or oral cancers with an intraoral exam and x-rays,” says Paige. “Oral cancers are actually quite common, and like any other cancer, the earlier it is detected, the more successful a patient can be treated. She says the most common misconception that many people have about oral health is that the mouth is completely independent and has no effect on the rest of the body. “Bacteria and germs in the mouth can spread to the rest of the body,” says Paige. “In fact, anyone preparing for an organ transplant should first be seen by a dentist to check for positive oral health, as this can directly affect the outcome of the transplant.” Paige says it’s also true backwards. Patients with other illnesses or health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, should closely monitor their oral health, as these conditions could prevent nutrients and blood supply to the mouth from causing overgrowth of the oral cavities. bacteria.

Now we know why we need to stick to those cleanup appointments and stop ignoring those reminder texts. But what is it about Paige that makes her patient care so special? According to her colleagues, Paige’s constructive interaction with her patients is second to none. Susan Barnett, Licensed Dental Assistant at Sitzes Family Dental, describes Paige as friendly, honest and hardworking. “She cares about everyone,” says Susan. “She is very caring about her patients and she has wonderful interpersonal skills.” Paige says she decided early in her career how she would approach patient care. “Most people dread their dates because they fear being reprimanded if they don’t floss or brush their teeth properly,” she says. “I’m not going to complain or fuss with my patients. Going to the dentist is hard enough; I want them to have a positive experience for them to come back. Paige diligently works to get these patients back every six months so that she can then do her part: monitor their oral health and help them take the necessary steps to avoid bigger problems.

Dr. Lester Sitzes, DDS and owner of Sitzes Family Dental, praises Paige’s expertise and abilities. Dentists and dental hygienists must have a strong partnership in order to provide the best possible care to their patients. “You have to believe each other,” he said. “We work very well together and I have confidence in his ability to diagnose.” In 2018, Paige won the Best Dental Hygienist at the Reader’s Choice Awards for Hempstead County. Still, Paige isn’t shy about giving credit to the whole team and says success wouldn’t be possible without them. “I couldn’t do my job without my colleagues! »She exclaims wholeheartedly. “They take care of me and take care of all the daily necessities so that I can focus on the patient.”

When asked what made her choose dental hygiene for her career path, Paige simply replied, “I want to help people feel good about themselves. She further expands by saying, “I love it when someone leaves a date and feels more comfortable smiling.” Paige’s warmth and kindness, along with her unwavering dedication to every task she takes on, is evident in all areas of her life. Husband Clay describes Paige as outgoing, friendly and very hardworking. “She’s so good with people,” he says. “She is caring and generous with an outgoing personality. She is a friendly person who works hard in everything she does. Outside of work, Paige spends much of her time with Clay and their three children, Ella, 11, Maddox, 2, and Riggs, 5 months. They enjoy participating in Spring Hill School sports activities, events with their church, Hope Church of Christ, camping by the lake and all things Razorback.

Even though she is a busy mum of three and a healthcare professional with a busy schedule, her energy and patience seem endless as she always has a smile for every patient who walks through the door. Paige’s alluring charm and gracious nature cultivate a calming atmosphere for patients that instantly puts them at ease. Plus, her in-depth knowledge and skills in preventive oral care lets them know they’re in good hands with Paige at the helm. Residents of Hope and Hempstead County are fortunate to have Citizen Paige Flowers serving the community, which is why she is this week’s featured SWARK.Today Citizen.

SWARK.Today’s Citizen Spotlight is intended to recognize those whose dedication and knowledge is a vital part of our community and industry. Often times, these behind-the-scenes roles are just as valuable, but not familiar to everyone. To be successful, every job is necessary and the role of each person is essential. If you know someone who should be nominated for a Citizen Spotlight, send an email to [email protected] with the name of the person and a brief description of what he or she does, we would love to talk with them !

Thanks to Paige and the team at Sitzes Family Dental for inviting SWARK.Today to observe and find out what you do every day and for allowing us to share it with the community.

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