Phone volume as “loud as a chainsaw” which could cause permanent hearing damage


When Londoners put on their headphones on the way out or before going to the gym, they’re probably wondering which song to choose and at what volume level to start the music.

However, they are probably unaware of how many minutes their ears can take at a certain volume before it starts causing permanent damage to their ears.

The reality is that more than 15 minutes a day of listening to your favorite tunes at maximum volume on your phone is dangerous and could cause irreversible damage to the inner ear and cause hearing loss.

To put it in perspective, the maximum volume on an Apple iPhone is 102 decibels.

According to audio manufacturer V7, such a reading is equivalent to the sound of a chainsaw, a tool that requires hearing protection when used in the workplace.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that more than a billion young people are at risk of life-threatening hearing loss from loud noise exposure around the world.

The health body has suggested that those under 35 are the demographic most likely to listen to music using mobile devices, while half of that age group do so with headphones. too loud, playing songs at maximum volume.

How to avoid irreversible damage

  • Turn down the volume: A noise of 80 decibels, about 60% of the maximum volume of an iPhone, can be listened to for more than 25 hours at a time without any risk.
  • Set commands on phones: Use the settings menu feature that allows you to set a maximum volume to avoid exceeding the safe limit.

  • Do not turn up the volume in noisy environments: try wearing noise-canceling headphones instead.

  • Limit exposure: the duration of exposure to sound is essential. Therefore, if you must listen to your favorite track at maximum volume, do so for no more than 10 minutes, then give your ears a chance to recover afterwards.

  • Use in-ear headphones: Compared to in-ear headphones, they are gentler on the ears although they can still be harmful, so it is advisable to be careful.

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