Premiere: Trick Gum shares new single “So Bored I Wanna Die”



Premiere: Trick Gum shares new single “So Bored I Wanna Die”

Watch the accompanying video below

09 Nov 2021

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This year, indie rock duo Trick Gum delivered a roster of playful new singles. Cousins ​​Justin Raisen and Jordan Benik starred together in Tall Hands years ago, but have since gone their separate ways. Raisen has produced for artists such as Angel Olsen, Yves Tumor, Kim Gordon and Charli XCX, while Benik has joined the Los Angeles group Sweaters. The two bonded and this year launched their new project, Trick Gum. The duo shared their latest single, “Bringing in the Dogs” in August and today they are back with their latest single, “So Bored I Wanna Die”, which premiered with Under the Radar.

As the group explains, “This song had been around for about a year,” but the record took on new life this year, with new creative inspiration and the addition of Anthony Lopez on drums and Derek Stein on cello. . The track sees the duo aim for a performative political posture, singing in front of potential experts, “Get away from me / I’m bored, I want to die / You make me so bored I want to die.” The duo combine caustic lyricism with a brilliantly fuzzy guitar riff, propulsive drums, and smooth, crunchy vocal delivery, making them a biting garage rock delight.

The band said of the track, “Be real and understand that if someone verbally holds a certain point of view, but doesn’t really want to act, people will understand. Imagine that. Lip service is worse than worthless, because the mind feels like it has done something when it hasn’t… Power is not afraid of anyone who talks about it. a big game to look good. In fact, people who burn themselves out through the Performative Parrot are exactly how Power intends to stay on top. Go buy something that makes you feel good, fellow serfs.

Check out the song and video below. You can also read our Q&A with the band where they delve deeper into the inspirations of the song and the accompanying video.

What is the inspiration behind “So Bored I Wanna Die”? What do you want your fans to take away from this single? What does this mean for you personally? Tell us about the video, explain the process of making the video?

Jordan: As for the inspiration behind the song, I remember going to a dinner party and listening to two people I love, who were on opposite sides of an issue, who thought they were were in a debate. These two people thought they were swimming against each other, but in reality they were only regurgitating talking points given to them as if they were talking head-on on the news themselves, a spectacle for no one. It was really boring.

Justin: How about a take-out fan? As you speak out, maybe think about whether you are seizing a productive opportunity to constructively advance a cause, or whether you are just screaming into the void. As for what the song means to me personally, I’ve recognized myself as a Void Crier, and I’m trying to change that.

Jordan: Justin and I had the idea to present the concept of the song via a meltdown ala Network news program. In the video, we attempt to capture the moment when a talking head is disillusioned with instructions given to him by his sponsors and decides to pull away.

Justin: We had a great time making this video with our friends Steen, Michael Cunningham and Bryson Crawford, which takes her out of the park in the lead role.

Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process? And what do you think makes a good song?

Justin: Not talking about capacity, but I guess our process is probably comparable to that of Paul and John, only two Johns.

Jordan: Or even Mark and Tom, but two Toms. As far as what makes a good song, it’s usually a song that someone likes.

Justin: Good people and good instruments.

How has LA shaped the music you make?

Jordan: So much so that I no longer live there.

Justin: For me, the city hasn’t been as influential as some of the special people I’ve met who have helped me tremendously, like Ariel Rechtshaid, Lewis Pesakov, Matt Popieleuch…. basically anyone who was overseas. But my love for the Dodgers aside, I’m trying to find my cousin Jordan on the East Coast.

How did you experience your pandemic period?

Jordan: Aside from all the fun we had with Trick Gum… mostly just wait for the weather and refresh Coinbase. Ring that notification bell!

Justin: Getting ripped off.


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