ProBioraKids®, the first probiotic specially formulated to support children’s oral and overall health, is launched in the United States

Even children who practice good oral hygiene, brush and floss twice a day, are still prone to bad breath, discolored teeth, cavities, tooth decay, gum problems , etc That’s because brushing and flossing, while important daily oral care tools that help fight bad bacteria in kids’ mouths, are only half the battle. To better support their oral health, children also need to repopulate the native “good bacteria” in the mouth, helping to fight off disease-causing bacteria that brushing and flossing can’t reach.

“The rampant prevalence of caries in early childhood, along with the development of periodontal disease (gum disease) in the majority of children by age 17, is a serious public health concern,” said Dr. Mark L. CannonDDS, MS and Professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. “Adding an oral care probiotic to your child’s daily oral care routine is one of the most effective preventative measures parents can take to help support their child’s oral health. their children, helping to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, and more.”

The Root of Tooth Decay and Oral Health Problems in Children
Pathogenic bacteria, or “bad bacteria”, present in the mouth attack young children as soon as their first tooth appears. While most people blame sugar for childhood cavities and oral health problems, it’s actually the disease-causing bacteria in the mouth that consume the sugar, creating lactic acid that corrodes tooth enamel. teeth.

Diet and stress cause an imbalance between bad and good bacteria in the mouth. Additionally, many children are not adept at brushing and flossing daily, which compounds the problem. It is only by fighting harmful bacteria and adding good bacteria that a child’s oral health is better supported.

How it works
ProBioraKids offers ProBiora3®a proprietary blend of the three most beneficial strains of naturally occurring good bacteria in the mouth that live on children’s teeth and under their gums, including Streptococcus oralis KJ3®Streptococcus uberis KJ2® and Streptococcus rattus JH145®. Formulated for healthy teeth, ProBioraKids naturally fills the mouth with the beneficial bacteria it needs for healthier teeth, eliminating harmful and disease-causing bacteria and restoring the mouth’s natural balance.

When dissolved in the mouth at night after brushing and flossing, a child’s saliva hydrates probiotics, which seek out their natural habitat, migrating immediately to the surfaces of teeth, gums, gum pockets and the language where they live and compete with pathogens. When taken daily, the good bacteria in ProBiora helps rebalance the oral biome of the mouth, which improves oral health.

The mouth is a gateway to children’s health
The mouth is a gateway to a person’s overall health, and children with healthy mouths are healthier overall. Countless published clinical research has shown a link between oral and systemic health, and poor oral health can impact the digestive system, brain development, heart, lungs, kidneys and more. of a child.

“Introducing children to a good oral care routine is essential for their lifelong health, including the use of an oral care probiotic after brushing at night,” said Chris Koski, President and CEO of ProBiora Health. “ProBioraKids is the first oral care probiotic designed to support healthy teeth and gums in children, which also benefits their overall health. Other products that claim to be for children’s oral health do not aren’t specifically formulated for their oral health needs, and don’t include probiotic strains that live on the surfaces of teeth and gums — instead, they contain bacteria that live in the throat or gut.

ProBioraKids and the ProBiora range of oral care probiotics
ProBioraKids comes in the form of a delicious tasting orange lozenge. It is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians, with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. In addition, it is safe to use with dental and orthodontic appliances.

One or more ProBioraKids lozenges are recommended every night for children three years of age or older, who may dissolve the lozenge in their mouths. For young children, the lozenge can be turned into a powder and dissolved under the child’s tongue.

The ProBiora range of oral care probiotics is the original dental probiotic clinically designed specifically for oral health. ProBiora probiotics are based on gold standard clinical research, well tested and approved by dentists, helping people better support their oral health for over 12 years.

“Adding ProBioraKids into your child’s daily oral care routine is an important and easy step to help restore and maintain a healthier mouth, allowing you to better support your child’s total body health,” said Dr. Cannon.

About ProBiora Health
Situated at Tampa, Florida, ProBiora Health is committed to improving the oral health of people and pets worldwide. The company brings probiotic science to oral care by developing and marketing a full line of proprietary clinical research-based oral care probiotics specifically designed to improve oral health in humans and pets. The complete ProBiora Health® product range includes ProBioraPlus®ProBioraXtra® and ProBiora Pro®, a professional-grade formula from dental professionals. All ProBiora Health products can be purchased at or Amazon. For more information, visit Information about ProBioraKids is available at

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