Rainbow Gum Yoga Mats Presents ‘Specially Designed For Kids’ Yoga Kits That Support Children’s Mental Health and Physical Well-Being



Healthy habits for a better life are best started early on – that’s the goal of founders Sandra and Jeanette when developing a yoga mat starter pack for kids. An idea born from two friends trying to support each other across the country during the pandemic and during lockdowns in 2020, friends Sandra and Jeanette were looking for a way to encourage the physical and emotional resilience of toddlers in their own lives. Working closely with local Australian artists, manufacturers, yoga teachers and therapy educators, they have spent 2020 creating Rainbow Gum Yoga Mats as holistic yoga and mindfulness kits that will be enjoyed by children. and caregivers.

It is increasingly recognized that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting people across the country, including children, with statements from Victoria’s Chief Psychiatrist Neil Coventry as well as the Director Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Officer, Ric Haslam, addressing the need for resilience, balance and routine as an aid in support and recovery. This year, the Australian government even launched the world’s first national child mental health and well-being strategy.

In Perth with her two young daughters, Sandra juggled the downturn in her job by teaching her daughters to stay positive and develop physical and emotional habits that would support them during the pandemic and empower them to become strong women and capable throughout their life.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, Faced with several blockages, Jeanette directly felt the effects of the blockage on her community, her family and her friends. Using her own experience with mindfulness techniques and the benefits of regular movement through yoga, the two friends wanted to provide others with the tools to enable better health and coping strategies.

Take care of our youth

Rainbow Gum Yoga Mats is more than just a yoga mat company. Its goal is to develop a community that encourages children to adopt yoga and mindfulness practices that can easily be practiced at home, while helping parents and caregivers communicate simple concepts and routines.

To help teach the poses, stories and mantras, characters from the Rainbow Gum family come. A group of 5 unique native Australian animals illustrated by Perth artist Sarah Turquoise, the Rainbow Gum family each find their way through their own childhood journeys and tribulations. Each character has their own mantra aimed at teaching mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Take care of our environment

All Rainbow Gum Yoga Mat products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The kits do not have plastic packaging and all suppliers are sustainable and environmentally conscious organizations. The RGYM also promotes environmental awareness among its public with simple ways to be aware and help maintain a healthy habitat for its Australian Animal Ambassadors.

Starter kits

Each pack contains everything you need to get kids interested in an activity that will benefit them all their lives:

– A bright and luxurious yoga mat with a native Australian animal and a special mantra: choose either the easy-to-store premium mat with straps or the foldable mat with carry bag

– A hygienic and versatile yoga towel in a compact carry bag

– A fun and colorful framed poster of Australian animal characters in yoga poses

– Over 80-page digital pack of yoga games, mindfulness activities, and resilience prints to engage kids and help parents inspire a positive mindset.

To learn more about RGYM characters and their products, visit their website www.RainbowGumYogaMats.com or follow their social media @RainbowGumMats for easy-to-digest educational snippets.

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